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Marcus Smith, early railway-engineer of Canada

Marcus Smith was an early Railway-Engineer in Canada, He became acting Chief Engineer on the Canadian Pacific Railway. “I do not desire any encomiums. I have simply tried to do my work faithfully and well.” His letters and reports appear from the early days of Railway feature in All Nations auctions.

新年快乐 Happy Lunar New Year!

"Canada Post rings in the Lunar New Year with a two-stamp issue on January 18, the 11th in its current 12-year series. In honour of the Year of the Pig, the stamps feature Zhu Bajie, or Pigsy, a character from the celebrated 16th century Chinese...

1851 Used 3d Beaver private treaty

Canada’s first stamp, and the world’s first animal stamp. Designed by Sandford Fleming, who invented standard time. 1851 Used 3d Beaver,

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