Milestone 1250th auction 29th February 2020

Our 1250th Milestone auction is coming..

Once a year on a significant auction number we try and put our best foot forward with a more substantial/valuable sale.

Our 1,250th auction falls on leap year Saturday February 29th and includes exceptional Canada and People’s Republic of China stamps, plus historic highlights from the Gerald Wellburn collection.
There is no buyer’s premium.

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John Mackie has written a Vancouver Sun article about the 1865 ledger from the Hasting Sawmill and Captain Edward Stamp in the earliest days of Vancouver.  Read Vancouver Sun article here

Top part of Stamp's Ledger

closeup of the top of the first page of Capt. Edward Stamp’s ledger. PNG


City TV
ask Brian Grant Duff about the 1865 Hasting Mill ledger – an insight into the earliest Vancouver and the beginnings of the lumber industry.  It’s from the collection of fabled B.C. collector Gerald Wellburn
Short clip 1 min 15 secs or so >>

Historic Hastings Mill ledger to be auctioned

It offers a glimpse back in time, when our city wasn't even named Vancouver and the shoreline was dotted with sawmills > A historic ledger from 1865 is going up for auction at the end of the month.

Posted by Breakfast Television & CityNews Vancouver on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

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Our milestone 1,250th auction is coming! Saturday 29th February 2020. See previews on our 1250th milestone page

British Columbia and Vancouver’s Island Mint 1860 Gutter Block of eight of the first issued stamp of the twin colonies. From the Mayfair find.
One of many rare and enchanting lots in our 29 February 1250th auction,

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Hastings Milll unloading

Ships loading lumber at Hastings Saw Mill in Vancouver, 1896. PNG

See City TV interview with Brian about the historic 1865 Hastings Mill ledger
see our 1250th milestone page

John Mackie has written a Vancouver Sun article about an 1865 ledger from the Hasting Sawmill and Captain Edward Stamp in the earliest days of Vancouver.

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Sold for $495 Maximinus I 235-238 AD 20mm 2.8gm Silver Denarius w/ Victory etc

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