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C.P.R. Survey Western Division 7 Se 1875 Marcus Smith letter home

Salmon House Dean River Sept 4th. 1875,
My dear wife, I have just walked from the head of the Dean channel, through the Cascade mountains to this point where horses have been sent to meet us- I am in excellent health. This last walk has done me as much good as that in the spring did me harm- The weather is fine and cool

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Clinton, B.C. 14 Nov 1874 2.5pg Marcus Smith letter to his wife

I could get through easily and give a decided Report if I were Chief Engineer-but with Mr. Flemings perpetual alterations and non committals combined with the political forces in the back ground I expect to have a hard time of it- I have a good mind to give in my Report pure and simple and not submit to any alterations and let them suppress it altogether if they think fit…I am weary weary and long for rest. I have been travelling every day and many nights since I left you in May..So excuse my writing more, it is late and I am tired travelled 60 miles today in an open wagon- thermometer to zero.

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Kamloops, B.C. 30 Oc 1874 Marcus Smith letter to his wife

I got back from my long trip north and within the limits of civilization a few days ago and received a great pile of letters, among others, yours of sept. 25th (with Tom’s and Eloise’s likeness enclosed) in which you tell me you have got them both to school- I am glad Eloise went to Miss Dupont’s I think she will do well-

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