The 25th Jubilee of King George V in 1935 saw the first Canadian voyageurs silver dollar struck. It’s the only year with the  obverse effigy of the King designed by Percy Metcalf – an innovative English designer who had designed the “barnyard collection” for the Irish Free State, the modernist “rocking horse” Crown of 1935 and more. 

Obverse: King George V by Percy Metcalfe

The portrait in left profile of George V is surrounded with the inscription “GEORGIVS V REX IMPERATOR ANNO REGNI XXV” (George V, King and Emperor, 25th year of reign)
Engraver: Percy Metcalfe 
Reverse: Vogyageurs

A voyageur and an aboriginal travelling by canoe, carrying bundles of which one bears the initials “H.B.” for Hudson’s Bay Company
Engraver: Emanuel Otto Hahn

Canada BU 1935 George V Jubilee Silver Dollar

Lot 185 sold for $52 in our Auction Saturday 12th January 2019