Lot #104

Documents from birth of B.C. put on auction block
John Mackie's article in The Vancouver Sun talks of this document:

"Another historic gem is a letter from San Francisco to Williams Creek in the Cariboo in 1864. Williams Creek was a mining settlement located a mile or so from Barkerville during the Cariboo Gold Rush in the 1860s.

“(Pioneer express companies) Wells Fargo, Barnard’s (Cariboo Express) and Dietz and Nelson all had a hand in carrying this letter from San Francisco to Williams Creek,” said Grant Duff. “It was originally pasted on a larger package, presumably damaged and someone managed to put it back together. It’s an amazing mix of U.S. stamps to pay the U.S. postage, B.C. stamps to pay the B.C. postage and express-company franks (stamps).”

The pre-auction estimate is $500.."

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