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Documents from birth of B.C. put on auction block
John Mackie's article in The Vancouver Sun talks of this document:

A second 1858 proclamation isn’t quite as shocking or racist. It advises the masses that “certain persons in Victoria and elsewhere have attempted to delude the public by making pretended sales of certain lands on (the) Fraser River.” In fact, the document asserts, “no lands at or near Langley, or elsewhere on the Fraser River, have been in any way encumbered or sold, and that the title to all such lands is vested in the Crown.”

The second document dates to Sept. 15, 1858, and was also proclaimed by Douglas. It also carries an estimate of $300. “I understand that these particular versions are 1860s printings,” said Brian Grant Duff of All Nations Stamp and Coin. “I would imagine them being in the post offices, etc. But obviously there weren’t many official government buildings or post offices then.”

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