Lot #101

Documents from birth of B.C. put on auction block
John Mackie's article in The Vancouver Sun talks of this document:

"The B.C. mainland became a Crown colony on Aug. 2, 1858. A month later, Colonial Gov. James Douglas issued a proclamation at Fort Hope, making it illegal to sell or give “spirituous or other intoxicating drinks to Native Indians.”

The document called for anyone who violated the law to be “mulcted in the penal sum of not more than twenty pounds, not less than five pounds, for each and every offence.”

Mulcted is an arcane, 1858 way of saying “fined.” If the person who was convicted couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the fine, they faced a jail term of two to six months.

One-hundred-and-sixty years later, an original copy of the proclamation is going up for sale at Saturday’s All Nations Stamp and Coin auction in Vancouver. The estimate: $300."

He goes on to note that this document is shocking and racist.

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A proclamation from Sept. 6, 1858, from colonial B.C. Gov. James Douglas regarding the sale of liquor to Indians. See Lot 101




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