Prices Realized

All Nations Stamp and Coin Auction #1179
Noon Saturday 6 October 2018
5630 Dunbar St., Vancouver, B.C., V6N 1W7, Canada
(604) 684 4613, cell (604) 726 4515,
We are open Tuesday to Saturday 930am – 530pm

Lot #DescriptionImage Estimate Price Realized
1Duke of Windsor signed 8×10 as Prince Edward, later Edward VIIIgallery thumbnail$200$247.5
2Argentina #247, C05/C35 Mint & Used & on Zeppelin Cover (6 pcs) gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$150
3Australian States 1880/1910 Used incl Varieties US$125. (60 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$29
4Australia #1/185 Used 1902/1940 incl Varieties US$250. (75 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$41
5Australia #2/759 Used 1913/1984 US$125. (156)gallery thumbnail$40$16.5
6Mawson, A.A.T. 10 Feb 1960 Damaged by Water cacheted FDC & photogallery thumbnail$20$24
7Austria 1945/1952 Mint incl NH US$191. (120)gallery thumbnail$50$25
8Barbados #731/780 NH 1988/1990 Topical Sets US$79. (28)gallery thumbnail$25$26
9Belgium 1936 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race Flimsy to Poland, faultgallery thumbnail$25$82.5
10Belgium #B485-B491 NH 1950 Floral Set US$52. (7)gallery thumbnail$20$19
11Bermuda #16/747 mostly Used 1880/1997 US$150. (75 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$30
12Bird Topicals manly NH incl some Cigarette cards $90.+ (110)gallery thumbnail$40$24
13Brazil #4CL1-4CL3 Mint 1930 Zeppelin Set US$257. (3)gallery thumbnail$75$53
14British Africa 1960s/200s Mint & Used T/Z US$125. (235 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$16.5
15British Commonwealth 1920s/1960s Used Hoard (300)gallery thumbnail$30$12
16British Honduras #101 fiscally Used 1922 $1 George V (40)gallery thumbnail$60$36
17British West Indies 1937/1990 Used US$134. (264)gallery thumbnail$40$18
18John Abbott signed 25 Apr 1865 folded letter, tear along one foldgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$440
19Russel, C.W. 20 Apr 1867 Stampless Cover to Toronto gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$10
20Canada #4 Fine 4-ring Blue 45 Stanstead, L.C. Used 1852 3d Beavergallery thumbnail$50$150
21Canada #9TCiii Fine 1864 12.5c Trial Colour Plate Proof sml thin $500gallery thumbnail$100$99
22Canada #14/20 Used 1859/1864 usual small flaws $260.+ (6)gallery thumbnail$50$25.5
23Canada #23 Fine Mint 1869 1c LQ shade, corner crease $ thumbnail$200$146
24Canada #25a VG Used 1868 3c Watermarked Large Queen $ thumbnail$40$82.5
25Canada #30b Fine Mint O.G. 1875 15c Large Queen $ thumbnail$100$80
26Canada #34-40 Used 1870/1893 Small Queens $140. (9)gallery thumbnail$30$15
27Sheridan, On. 3c Small Queen Cover & Contents to Zephyrgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$30
28Canada #52-54 Fine NH 1897 2c-5c Jubilee Shade trio $ thumbnail$40$17.5
29Hartland, N.B. 17 Sept 1897 Bank of Nova Scotia Cover to Woodstockgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$49.5
30Canada #55 Fine NH 1897 6c Jubilee $ thumbnail$100$55
31Canada #58 F/VF Used 1897 15c Jubilee face free cancel $ thumbnail$75$42
32Canada #59i 3 Jun 1898 Toronto CDS Used 20c Jubilee w/ thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$150still available
33Canada #63 23 June 1903 Toronto CDS Used $3 Jubilee $ thumbnail$500$765
34Canada #71-73 Mint & Used 1897 6c/10c QV Leaf trio $ thumbnail$50$25
35Canada #84 VF Mint 1900 20c QV Numeral trifle toned gum $ thumbnail$200$120
36Canada #86, 86b F/VF NH 1898 2c Map Shade duo, tiny gum marksgallery thumbnail$50$65
37Canada #92-94 VG NH 7c/20c Edward VII trio $ thumbnail$100$121
38Canada #99-100 F/VF NH 1908 5c & 7c Quebec duo $ thumbnail$200$110
39Canada #111 Fine NH 1914 5c Admiral $ thumbnail$50$27.5
40Canada #114 VFNH 1924 7c Red Brown, Dry Printing $ thumbnail$30$73
41Canada #122 VF Mint $1 Admiral gum thin $ thumbnail$25$35
42Canada #131-132 NH Admiral Coil Pair duo, well centered $160.+ (4)gallery thumbnail$75$90
43Canada #135 NH single & Greenwood, B.C. Cover $ thumbnail$40$15
44Canada #157-159 Mint & Unused 1929 trio, last regummed $ thumbnail$200$70
45Canada #175 F/VF Never Hinged 1930 20c Brown Red $ thumbnail$30$20
46Canada #177 XFNH 1930 $1 Cavell $ thumbnail$300still available
47Canada #203 F/VF stamps NH UL 1933 20c Plate One Block $450. (4)gallery thumbnail$200$200
48Canada #211-216 VFNH 1935 Jubilee Set $54. (6)gallery thumbnail$20$11
49Canada #214 F/VF Mint 1935 5c Plates One & Two Block duo $150. (12)gallery thumbnail$50$23
50Canada #223-227 VF Mint 1935 10c-$1 Pictorials $180. (5 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$26
51Canada #244-245 VFNH 1938 50c & $1 duo $ thumbnail$100$59
52Canada #261-262 VFNH 1942 50c & $1 duo $ thumbnail$75$49.5
53Canada #268-273 VF Mint 1946 Peace Set $101. (6)gallery thumbnail$30$21
54Canada #526/1932 Used Varieties written up on page (20)gallery thumbnail$40$38.5
55Canada #586var NH 1973 1c Macdonald 1-bar Tag Misperf Pairgallery thumbnail$40$48
56Canada #599a/1376 10 of each Used high values $134. (14 diff) gallery thumbnail$30$10
57Canada 50c/95c Mint Multiples face value $ thumbnail$150$88
58Canada NH 2017 recalled Hanukkah Booklet (10)gallery thumbnail$30$33
59Canada #C5, J3/J36 Mint 1906/1973 Postage Dues etc $230. (42)gallery thumbnail$75$41
60Canada #E1 Fine NH 1898 10c Special Delivery $ thumbnail$50$40
61Canada #E8 VFNH 1938 20c Special Delivery UL Block $350. (4)gallery thumbnail$200$266
62Canada #F1/F2 Used 1875/1876 2c & 5c R.L.S. some faults $216. (72)gallery thumbnail$50$109
63Canada #F3 VF Unused 1876 8c R.L.S. thin thumbnail$100$96
64Canada #J20, J20b NH Mint & Used Sheet duo $119. (190)gallery thumbnail$30$5.5
65Canada #MR6 F/VF Mint Coil Pair some disturbed gum $ thumbnail$60$45
66Canada #O16/O49, CO2/EO2 Mint 1950/63 Officials $337. (38)gallery thumbnail$100$50
67Canada #OX3 Fine NH 1907 White Paper Official Seal $ thumbnail$50$132
68Quebec #QV8-QV9 NH 1958 $2 & $5 Vacation Pay duo $ thumbnail$150$165
69Victoria, B.C. May 1881 Short & Simpson Gun & Rifle Makers Invoicegallery thumbnail$20$40
70Lt. G.W. Wellburn 1912 Photo & Via Siberia Unused Cover on pagegallery thumbnail$200$69
71Victoria, B.C. T.H. Hibben Unused Chinese Pedlar Postcardgallery thumbnail$25$15
72Vancouver, B.C. 1906 & Seattle 1909 Auto Postcards duo, ex Wellburngallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24
73Vancouver B.C. four different canned Salmon Labelsgallery thumbnail$20$12
74Vancouver, B.C. Chinese War Relief Association Document, sml teargallery thumbnail$20$283
75Vancouver, B.C. Capt. Butler Signed 1970 Arctic Expedition Cover etcgallery thumbnail$20$44
76Timms’ First S.W. Ev. Luth. Church Vancouver, B.C. flty 1c Postcardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$24
77B.C. 10 diff mainly Unused Interior Real Photo Postcardsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$22
78B.C. Cancels Brighouse/Butedale 1930s/60c Covers & Cards etc (5 diff)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$10
79Newfoundland #11A VF Mint 1860 3d Triangle $ thumbnail$40$44
80Newfoundland #36 Fine NH 1894 6c Plate Block, gum bends $700. (6)gallery thumbnail$300$399
81Newfoundland #56/264, C9?C19 Mint 1887/1944 US$160. (36)gallery thumbnail$50$36
82Newfoundland #C2 VF+ NH 1919 $1 on 15c Airmail $ thumbnail$300$533.5
83Nova Scotia #2/4 Used 1851/1857 trio, two thins $ thumbnail$100$103
84Marcus Smith 18 Dec 1860 4-page Cape Town Letter to his Cdn wifegallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$90
85Chile Mint 1960/1968 Souvenir Sheets US$160. (11 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$29
86China #147/258 Used 1912/1923 Junks & Dragons some faults (150)gallery thumbnail$100$66
87P.R. China #996a Mint 1968 Mao Strip of Five, 3 NH US$ thumbnail$2000$4600
88P.R. China #1655/2067 NH 1981/1986 Sets & S/S US$115. (66)gallery thumbnail$40$40
89Danzig #1/228 Mint & Used 1920/1939 (150 diff)gallery thumbnail$50still available
90Denmark #13/115 Used 1864/1919 odd fault US$160. (25 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$14
91Eastern Europe Mint Topicals US$70. (80)gallery thumbnail$20$7
92Egypt #34 NH 1879 20pa Block of four US$ thumbnail$60$48
93Falkland Islands #84/102 Mint 1938/1949 incl Shades US$120. (16)gallery thumbnail$30$33
94Finland #69 Used 1901 10M high value US$ thumbnail$100$97
95Ballon Monte 6 Nov 1870 20c Le Ville De Chateaudain Flight Cover, segallery thumbnail$100$198
96France #110/1884, C6/M11 Mint & Used 1893/1983 US$115. (325 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$17.5
97French Art #1014/2161 Used 1961/1989 Topicals (50 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$24
98French Area 1950s/1970s Mint on dealer cards (17)gallery thumbnail$60$30
99F.S.A.T. 1977 MV Thala Dan Antarctic Signed Cover to Shetlands etcgallery thumbnail$20$73
100Bavaria #33/270 Mint & Used 1870/1920 (150 diff)gallery thumbnail$30still available
101Viktoria Luise 1912 Pioneer Zeppelin Flight Card, small teargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$40$45
102Germany LZ130 1938 Sudetenland Zeppelin Flight Cover, small tearsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$19
103Germany #401/525a Used 1933/1944 US$125. (110 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$20
104Germany #535/822 Used 1946/1960 US$197. (151 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$25
105Germany #1496/1611 Mint & Used 1987/1990 US$136. (114)gallery thumbnail$40$15
106Germany #B327-B330 Used 1952 Semipostal Set US$92. (4)gallery thumbnail$30$16.5
107Oldenburg #B1-B2 NH S/S & 16N9 Unu as issued (4 pcs)gallery thumbnail$40$48
108German Offices Mint & Used incl China odd fault US$547. (179)gallery thumbnail$100$66
109German Togo WWI Propaganda Cinderella on & off Card (2)gallery thumbnail$20$48
110Gibraltar #9/339a Mint 1898/1977 US$117. (61)gallery thumbnail$40$22
111Gold Coast, Ghana, & Malta #2/449 mainly Used range US$107. (259)gallery thumbnail$25$12
112G.B. 8 May 1836 Dudley C.F Hewitt Port & Sherry Invoice ex Wellburngallery thumbnail$20$60
113G.B. #1 Fine Used 1840 1d Black position I-L US$390.+gallery thumbnail$100$69
114G.B. #26-28 Used 1856/57 Queen Victoria trio US$ thumbnail$100$60
115Fredric Hill 1868 unsigned note in red ink on 3.5″ piecegallery thumbnail$20$16.5
116G.B. #109 VF Used 1884 10/- Queen Victoria US$ thumbnail$150$121
117G.B. #127-138 Mint 1902/11 Edwards to 1/- odd sml flaw US$620. (12)gallery thumbnail$150$136
118G.B, Cda 1893/1952 O.H.M.S. Cover quartetgallery thumbnail$25$30
119G.B. #179/224 Used Seahorse quartet US$ thumbnail$60$55
120Philympia Day London 1970 Penny Black Souvenir Cover #5188/9500gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$20$65
121G.B. SG#HC13-HC20 NH 1995/97 Machin Booklets (10 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50$20
122G.B. SG#FO1A-FO3A NH 1983 Machin Booklets (6 pcs)gallery thumbnail$30$16.5
123Greece #657/707 Mint & Used many NH US$104. (36)gallery thumbnail$25$22
124Grenada 1884 single franked 4d FLS to London w/ receivergallery thumbnail$25$36
125Hong Kong #8/323 Mint & Used range, owner’s cat. $287. (83)gallery thumbnail$60$40
126Hong Kong #154-166A Used 1938/1948 Set one $5 fault US$259. (23)gallery thumbnail$75$38.5
127Hungary #CB1D stamp NH 1948 Chain Bridge S/S US$ thumbnail$40$44
128Hungary/Arad #1NB1-1nB3 Mint HR 1919 Fr. Occupation Set as is (3)gallery thumbnail$20$24
129Iceland #176/239, B1/C29 Mint 1938/1952 incl NH US$154. (29)gallery thumbnail$40$43
130India #6 Used single & shifted cts example on FLS to Scotlandgallery thumbnail$100$250
131Indonesia #342/1796, B58/J99 Mint & Used gum side flaws (417 diff)gallery thumbnail$30$15
132Ireland #117/C2 Used 1939/1948 US$101. (28)gallery thumbnail$25$11
133Long Island, Ireland NH 1973 Locals & 24 Apr FDC w/ flier (3 pcs)gallery thumbnail$25$29
134Israel Bale #109b Mint 1948 Nahariya Local Post Variety Sheet US$ thumbnail$150$60
135Israel #C1-C6 NH 1950 Airmail Set w/ tabs US$250. (6)gallery thumbnail$100$82.5
136Italy #126/418, B1/B17 Mint incl B.O.B. US$126. (34)gallery thumbnail$40$22
137Italy/A.M.G. Trieste Mint Sets US$474. (42)gallery thumbnail$150$92
138Jamaica 1925/1980 mainly Used (194)gallery thumbnail$25$5.5
139Japan #5 Used 1872 1/2s Sen Brown, short perfs, as is US$ thumbnail$20$19
140Japan #480/497, C14/C42 Mint & Used 1949/1952 US$80. (33)gallery thumbnail$20$22
141Malta 1980s/2000s NH Topicals Sets US$74. (110)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$12
142Netherlands #498/1031, B101/J105 Used 1921/1999 US$104. (242)gallery thumbnail$25still available
143Campbell Island 14 Ja 1969 Antarctic Signed Cover to thumbnail$20$82.5
144New Zealand #1189/1503 Used 1993/1998 US$157. (156 diff)gallery thumbnail$40$27.5
145Norway #100/128, O1/O64 Mint & Used US$165. (53)gallery thumbnail$40$20
146Dronning Maud Land 1951 Antarctic Expedition cacheted Cover to Cdagallery thumbnail$20$29
147Palestine #1 Used 1918 Block with 1985 APS Certificate US$ thumbnail$100$126.5
148Pitcairn Islands #11-12 Mint Set & Used Block FDC w/ plate thumbnail$25$20
149Poland 25 Sep 1934 Gordon Bennett Balloon Race Cinderella Covergallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$14
150Portugal #587-594, 654/657 Mint 1940/1945 US$118. (11)gallery thumbnail$40$24
151Postcards 44 diff Unused U.K. & Europe vintage scenesgallery thumbnail$20$99
152Elvis Presley NH 1985/1992 Topicals US$70. (50)gallery thumbnail$25$18
153Russia #8/714 mostly Used 1858/1939 Classics US$180. (125 diff)gallery thumbnail$50$44
154Saar #139-154 Used 1934/1935 Set US$121. (16)gallery thumbnail$40$49.5
155St. Pierre & Miquelon #79-131, B1-B2 Mint 1909/27 Sets US$237. (56)gallery thumbnail$75$110
156Somali Coast #6-17 Mint & Used 1894/1902 US$246. (12)gallery thumbnail$60$85
157Spain/Mazagan-Marrakech 1899 Used Isaac Brudo Locals some flts (5)gallery thumbnail$25$27.5
158Stanley Gibbons Instanta Perf Gauge & Colour Key (2 pcs)gallery thumbnail$20$31
159Switzerland #B1/B56 Used 1913/1930 Semipostals US$600. (46 diff)gallery thumbnail$150$99
160Switzerland #376-377 VFNH 1959 Europa Set US$75. (2)gallery thumbnail$25$24
161Switzerland #B178 NH 1948 Wettstein S/S glazed gum US$50.+gallery thumbnail$20$29
162Thailand 1890s/1960s Mint & Used on dealer cards (14 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50$25
163Trinidad #60a Mint 1876 6d Yellow Green US$ thumbnail$50$36
164Turkey #52/1932, B8/RA217 Mint & Used 1876/1972 US$104. (101 diff)gallery thumbnail$25$10
165U.S.A. #70 Used 1861/1862 24c Shade duo, some short perfs US$600gallery thumbnail$50$85
166U.S.A. #71 Used 1861/1862 30c Shade duo US$ thumbnail$60$73
167U.S.A. #218 Used 1888 90c Purple, may be some colour loss US$ thumbnail$50$25
168U.S.A. #228-229 Used 1890/1893 30c & 90c duo, last sml tear US$ thumbnail$30$40
169U.S.A. #302/399, 619 Mint 1902/1925 quartet, gum side flaws US$195. gallery thumbnail$30$25
170U.S.A. #435/Q11 Used 1903/1944 US$150. (39)gallery thumbnail$30$16.5
171U.S.A. #551-556 Mint 1922/1925 issues US$225. (18)gallery thumbnail$75$32
172U.S.A. #832-834 Mint 1938 High Value trio, glazed gum US$ thumbnail$25$27.5
173U.S.A. 1941/1943 Pacific War Censored Covers (6 pcs)gallery thumbnail$50$23
174U.S.A. #C18 Never Hinged 1933 50c Baby Zep US$ thumbnail$30$30
175U.S.A. #RW21/RW30 Mint 1954/1963 Ducks, first pinhole (3)gallery thumbnail$40$22
176Confederate States 56X2 & 62X2 Unu APS Certs, last creased US$ thumbnail$100$121
177D.W.I. #12 VG Used 1874 14c Lilac & Green, short perfs US$ thumbnail$200$190
178Hawaii #54/64 Mint & Unused 1893 Overprints US$128. (10)gallery thumbnail$40$55
179Vatican City #7/151 mainly Used 1929/1951 US$200. (15 diff)gallery thumbnail$60$35
180Virgin Islands #215-227 VFNH 1956 QEII Set US$98. (13)gallery thumbnail$30$55
181Canada PCGS SP63 Red Brown 1934 Cent $ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$2000$1760
182Canada PCGS XF45 1925 5 Cents $575.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$300$275
183Canada AU/Unc 1945 & 1947 Maple Leave Silver 25 Cents duogallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$27.5
184Canada PCGS XF45 1914 Silver 50 Cents $1175.+gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$700$550
185Canada BU 1949 Commemorative Silver Dollargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$25$41
186Canada BU 1967 6-coin Silver Proof-like Setgallery thumbnail$20$31
187Cayman Islands Proof 1975 Six Queens Silver 50 Dollars 1.918oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$60
188Kwangtung Province AU 1890-1908 Silver 10 Centsgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$100$71.5
189G.B. XF 1875H Queen Victoria Farthing gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$33
190Great Britain XF+ 1899 Queen Victoria Gold Sovereign contact marksgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$500$474
191English 18th Century Tokens some cleaning (8)gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$55
192Hong Kong Unc 1900 Cent US$ thumbnailgallery thumbnail$60$30
193Hospital Trust National Bank Proof numbered Ounce Silver Bargallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$30$25
194Istros 400-350 B.C. 4gm Silver Drachmgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$250$484
195Mysia, Parium 177-192AD Commodus 22mm 7.8gm AE22gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$22
196Papua New Guinea Proof 1976 8-coin 1.67oz ASWgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$50$38.5
197H.B.C. B.C. District Fort Grahame $1 Card Scrip corner roundinggallery thumbnail$500$247.5
198Wayne Gretzky 1997/1998 Pacific Omega #8 Rangers Hockey Silkgallery thumbnail$20$12
199Willie Mays KSA 6.5 ENM+ 1967 Topps #200 Giants Baseball Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$88
200John Sullivan KSA8.5 NMM+ 1956 Adventure Gum #76 Boxing Cardgallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail$75$65