Every Saturday, we host an auction board featuring items of interest that we have found, including consignments from individuals.

On Wednesday and Friday we update the latest bids to the website & send an email notification with featured items please subscribe to our email list here


  • Phone 604-684-4613 All Nations store
  • Phone 604-726-4515 Brian’s cell
  • Email to collect@direct.ca
  • Enter your details & bids on the Bid form

Please place your bids before the auction starts to close at noon on Saturday Pacific Time. 

Auction Guide

Estimated values, in Canadian Dollars, are provided for your bidding convenience. Estimates are roughly at 1/3rd of catalogue value for sound material. Lots may sell for more or less than these suggested values, but bidding closer to estimate improves your chances of bidding success.

The minimum acceptable bid for any lot is $5. Bids of less than $5 will not be registered.

Since lots are sold at one raise over the next highest bid, we will only use your full bid as competition dictates. Increases are at 10% increments, so a tie breaker bid also helps. For example if we have a $50 estimate on Lot #4 and you really want the stamp for your collection, you might bid $50. Perhaps you are lucky and no one else bids more than $25. In this case we would buy the lot for you at $27.50, one raise over the next highest bid. However, if two bidders really wanted the lot, and both bid $50, the bidder who gave us an extra 10% tie breaking bid would win the lot. Otherwise, the first bidder to that amount gets the lot in the event of a tie.

Tie-breaker – If you bid online just enter your bid as a normal number and a + sign after it. For example $50+. This means you have bid $50 and will offer a 10% tie-breaking bid of $55 if needed when someone else has also bid $50.

The auction closes at noon Pacific Summer Time Saturdays. We would appreciate your e-mail bids Friday evening or earlier, but you can phone bids in until sale time. You can also phone or e-mail us for additional lot information, or bidding advice. We will contact you fairly quickly after the sale if you were successful. Regional customers will be contacted by telephone, and those further afield by either telephone or e-mail.

Where credit has been established, we will ship your lots out to you with an invoice, or you may arrange with us to have your purchases billed to a Visa or MasterCard account and shipped to you automatically.  Payment can be made by instalments. We have many customers all over North America, Europe and the world who bid in our auction with success.

Happy Hunting. We look forward to helping you build your collections.

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