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Newsletter #97, April 29, 2007

Canada Post plans Captain George Vancouver stamp

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Canada Post will issue a $1.55 stamp, to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Captain George Vancouver’s birth, on 22 June 2007.

Designed and illustrated by Niko Potton of Vancouver’s Fleming Design, the stamp comes in a pane of eight, and a souvenir sheet of one, and is valid for the international rate.

At the age of 16, Vancouver sailed with Captain Cook on Cook’s second voyage, and explored the South Seas, glimpsing Antarctica in the Resolution. Captaining the Discovery, Vancouver landed at Nootka, recovered British territory from the Spanish, and named 400 places, including Vancouver Island and the City of Vancouver.

Captain George Vancouver stamp

Captain George Vancouver stamp

The new stamp is unusual in that Vancouver’s face is not shown. We look over his shoulder and out to sea.

Vancouver’s signature, courtesy of the British Columbia Archives, runs down the right side of the Royal Blue stamp. Vancouver’s first accurate map of the Northwest Pacific Coast, and a journal entry, are reproduced, courtesy of the Vancouver Maritime Museum, on the Official First Day Cover.

In 1978 Canada Post issued a 14c stamp to mark the 200th anniversary of Cook and Vancouver’s landing at Nootka.

See the Unveiling ceremony.

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