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Newsletter #72, August 25, 2005

Jack Nicklaus appears on a Royal Bank of Scotland £5 Note

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The Royal Bank of Scotland announced On July 12, that it was honouring legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus by issuing a special commemorative £5 banknote bearing his image. The note recognizes his Open Championship victories at St Andrews and stands for what his illustrious career has meant for the game of golf in Scotland and around the world.

The note was formally unveilled at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, site of this year's Open Championship on July 14. Nicklaus won titles at St Andrews in 1970 and 1978, and will be playing his 38th and final Open Championship this year.

Jack Niclaus appears on a Royal Bank of Scotland £5 Note'I think that the honour that RBS has given me with the £5 note is unbelievable. It is something that I have a hard time describing,' said Nicklaus, who has been an RBS ambassador since 2003. 'When RBS approached me and said ‘Jack, we'd like to put you on the £5 note,' obviously I said I'm deeply honoured.  It's one of the most memorable honours that I've had in my career.'
The note is only the third from RBS to feature a living person, the others being the Queen and her Mother, and it contains a plethora of Nicklaus-isms.

Both the obverse and reverse have a golden bear, the serial numbers begin with JWN, for Jack William Nicklaus, there is a montage of Jack playing and accepying the Open trophy in 1978 as well as a picture of the Royal and Ancient club house.

There is a table of Jack's scores from both his wins in 1970 and 1978 and a reproduction of his score card from his last championship game in 2005. Even the rosette in the background of the reverse is a repetition of the Claret Jug trophy. Whew.

No mention is made if the snippits of tartan appearing in the margins are of Clan Nicklaus.

You can see or download the pdf description of both sides of the note from the RBS site here.

This is a difficult note to acquire as only 2 million were printed and they are circulating currency in Scotland and are actively sought after south of our border We have a few mint notes in the store for as long as they last.

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