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Newsletter #54, April 23, 2004

Fastsellers Highlight Spring Royal Canadian Mint Issues

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The Royal Canadian mint issued a half dozen new products in mid-April, two of which, the D-Day Five Cents, and Iceberg $20 apparently sold out quickly form the Royal Canadian Mint. 

The D-Day Commemorative Proof Silver Five Cents is a reproduction of the 1944 Victory Nickel with the 2004 60th Anniversary date added. Instead of a box, as in prior Mint Military-themed Five Cents issues, the D-Day piece comes in a flat pack with a dollar-sized commemorative medallion, and a cd-rom. 

D-Day coinsSome may wonder why we missed marking the 50th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, but a number of Canadians are on their way to France again this Summer for the 60th Anniversary ceremonies, and there will also be a June 6th stamp issue.

Did the Mint and Canada Post miss an opportunity to package a coin and stamp pack? We will wait and see if one appears. Only 20,000 D-Day coin sets were issued and are now sold out at the Mint.

The 2004 A Time to Celebrate colourized Twenty Five Cents is also packaged differently, in a smaller holder, this year.  The Maple Leaf design lends itself to colourization, but is getting a little tired with this series.  More imagination is needed to breath some life into this ostensibly Canada Day oriented series, apparently geared towards new Canadians and low end souvenir buyers.

The 2004 Proof Silver Fifty Cents Gold Cameo Easter Lily boxed coin arrived here after Easter.  33,000 were made.  From some angles the designer’s initials on the Queen’s bust. Look like SG, instead of SB. 

The Golden Tulip coin which began this series continues to be avidly sought after by collectors who missed it. We are also sold out of last year's Daffodil, as well.

The pure silver Boxed 2006 Five Dollar F.I.F.A. World Cup Soccer coin is just out, even though it is dated 2003. 50,000 were produced. It appears to show a Canadian player celebrating a goal. It remains to be seen whether Canada’s team will qualify for the German-hosted World Cup. 

This coin is geared towards an international audience and may be part of a multi-nation series produced by our Mint. At least we have several years in which to sell it.

The pure silver boxed 2004 Twenty Dollar Iceberg Hologram Natural Wonders coin comes in a new style black leatherette box, different from the wooden style boxes previously used in this series.  The simpler design works well with the hologram format, but somehow a Canadian-themed Iceberg issue makes me think of the sinking of the Titanic. 25,000 were struck and are now sold out at the Mint.

Other Natural Wonders coins we have in stock:
The Rocky Mountains
Northern Diamonds

Apparently because pure silver coins are enjoying some success internationally, the Mint has reused some 1993 platinum coin set designs on a 2004 Proof Two Dollar to Five Dollar Arctic Fox Tenth Ounce to One Ounce Silver Coin set, of which 20,000 new sets were produced. Why not put an Arctic fox on the Canada Day quarter instead?

There is no Loon Dollar in the 2004 Specimen Set.  A Geese in Flight coin, marking the Centenary of the Jack Miner Bird Sanctuary, replaces the aureate dollar in the 2004 Specimen Set only. 60,000 sets were made.

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Newsletter #55
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