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All Nations Large Lot & Collections Stamp & Coin Auction #1110 - Noon 27 May 2017

Lot #DescriptionEstimateCurrent BidBid
1Afghanistan 1932/1950 Mint on Scott pages US$199. (82)$60.00$26.00
2Albania 1951/1959 Mint Sets and Souvenir Sheets, incl NH US$203. (85)$50.00no bids yet
3Algeria 1924/1958 mainly Used US$100. (209)$25.00no bids yet
4Antarctica 1946/1980 mainly Mint, incl NH, in Specialty album US$186. (80)$60.00$50.00
5Australia & area 1880s/2005 Mint & Used in Scott Specialty album (2495)$250.00$55.00
6Australia & area 1913/2012 mostly Used, odd fault (1000) $50.00$30.00
7Australia 1934/1944 Mint & Used, some faults US$434. (81)$100.00$45.00
8Bahamas 1884/1985 Mint & Used incl B.O.B. US$409. (49)$100.00no bids yet
9Belgium & area 1894/1958 Mint & Used owner's cat. $139. (121)$30.00no bids yet
10Belgium 1946/1959 Mint Semipostals, incl Sets, some faults US$1007. (186)$150.00$30.00
11Belgium 1880/1970 mostly Used Back of the Book (500)$40.00$5.00
12Bermuda 1865/2000 Mint & Used on pages (300 different)$150.00$70.00
13Brazil 1889/1913 Mint & Used B.O.B., incl Unused, some faults US$271. (49)$60.00no bids yet
14British Commonwealth 1920/1980 mainly Used incl South Africa US$535. (620)$60.00no bids yet
15British America 1800s/1970s A/V Mint & Used in Scott Specialty album (1281)$75.00$35.00
16British Commonwealth 1935/1952 mostly Used incl New Zealand US$200. (200)$40.00$11.00
17British Commonwealth 1977/1978 NH new issues released at $425. $200.00$70.00
18British Commonwealth 1977/2011 NH Souvenir Sheets incl Fiji US$268. (35 pcs)$60.00no bids yet
19British Europe 1841/1980 mostly Used in Minkus Specialty album US$3300. (1250)$400.00$181.50
20Bulgaria 1937/1969 mainly NH Sets and singles US$635. (634)$150.00$110.00
21Burundi 2011 NH Sets & Sheetlets incl Animal topicals US$330. (50 pcs)$60.00$44.00
22Butterflies Topicals 1960/1988 mainly Never Hinged US$92. (39)$30.00no bids yet
23Cameroun 1958/1971 Never Hinged on Lighthouse pages US$503. (350)$150.00no bids yet
24Canada 1870/1980 Mint & Used in Springback album (400)$60.00no bids yet
25Canada 1897/1951 Used incl Bluenose, some faults $642. (139 different)$75.00$35.00
26Canada 1898/1959 mostly Used incl B.O.B., some faults $1800. (2000)$150.00no bids yet
27Canada 1922/1932 Mint, incl Unused & NH, some faulty not catalogued $1000. (75)$250.00no bids yet
28Canada 1930/2010 Used Packet Maker's Stock incl Mix etc (10,000)$75.00$25.00
29Canada 1935/1952 Mint in Stockbook incl NH and multiples $600. (800)$100.00$46.00
30Canada 1935/1968 Covers & First Day Covers mainly to Vancouver, B.C. (60 pcs)$20.00$5.00
31Canada 1940s/1950s Street Photos incl Foncies, Vancouver, Victoria (45 pcs)$30.00$5.00
32Canada 1950s/2000s NH Range incl Booklets & Multiples, Face Value $195.$200.00$121.00
33Canada 1950s/1970s Mint & Unused Range, Face Value $30.$30.00$13.00
34Canada 1960s NH multiples & plate blocks, Face Value $100.$100.00$44.00
35Canada 1960s/1990s First Day Covers etc (250)$30.00$18.00
36Canada 1964/196 NH multiples and blocks, Face Value $260.$250.00$114.00
37Canada 1964/1984 First Day Covers $1000. (1000 pcs)$200.00$38.50
38The Taming of the Canadian West 1967 Rasky 271 page Hardcover with dustjacket$20.00no bids yet
39Canada 1970s/1980s NH matched sets etc Face Value $193.$200.00$85.00
40Canada 1976/1980 NH 10c/30c plate blocks etc Face Value $640.$600.00$385.00
41Canada 1978/1990 NH incl plate blocks, perf varieties etc Face Value $163.$150.00$71.50
42Canada 1970s/1980s NH matched sets etc Face Value $132.$125.00$58.00
43Canada 1970s/1980s First Day Covers incl blocks & combinations (120)$30.00$10.00
44Canada 1976 10c Q.E. II Used in Vancouver & New West plus Stockbook (2100)$25.00no bids yet
45Canada 1980s NH matched sets Face Value $194. $200.00$85.00
46Canada 1980s NH matched sets Face Value $204.$200.00$90.00
47Canada 1980s NH matched sets Face Value $217.$200.00$95.00
48Canada 1982/1990 NH plate blocks etc Face Value $750.$750.00$478.50
49Canada 1983/1985 NH matched sets of 32c Commemoratives Face Value $510.$500.00$224.00
50Canada Post NH 1986 Hardcover Annual Souvenir Collection with slipcase $100.$50.00$5.50
51Canada 1986/1988 NH matched sets of 34c/68c Commems Face Value $550.$500.00$246.00
52Canada 1989 duplicated range of First Day Covers (94)$25.00$8.00
53Canada NH 1995 Annual Souvenir Collection $80. Face Value $36.$40.00$16.00
54Canada NH 1996 Annual Souvenir Collection $80. Face Value $34.$40.00$16.00
55Canada NH 1997 Annual Souvenir Collection $90. Face Value $31.$40.00$16.00
56Canada NH 1998 Annual Souvenir Collection $95. Face Value $40.$40.00$17.00
57Canada NH 1999 Annual Souvenir Collection $85. Face Value $34.$40.00$16.00
58Canada NH Millennium Souvenir Collection $120.$60.00$25.00
59Canada NH 2000 Annual Souvenir Collection $85. Face Value $30.$40.00$16.00
60Canada 2010/2016 10 Pounds of on paper mix incl some Commems$30.00$5.00
61Canada 2012 NH multiples, plus uncounted First Day Covers, Face Value $130.$125.00$79.00
62Canada and World Philatelic Catalogues & References (19 pcs)$30.00$5.00
63Canada and World 1950s/1980s on paper mix (8 pounds)$75.00$5.00
64Canada NH 1978 Year Set, Millennium keepsake, mix, and Supplies in Carton$40.00no bids yet
65Canada and World Mint & Used in Banker's Box incl First Day Covers in albums$75.00no bids yet
66The Journal of Capt. Richards 1860-1862 Vancouver Island, 2012 Cullen 271 pages $20.00no bids yet
67The Year Book of British Columbia 1911/1914 Gosnell 406 pages Hardcover$25.00$27.50
68British Columbia 1939/1953 Covers & Cards incl Hotel Corner Covers (69 pcs)$40.00$5.00
69Vancouver, B.C. Postcards, Photos, & ephemera in album (107 pcs)$40.00$8.00
70Vancouver, B.C. long postal hammer with 1978 date stamp$50.00$5.00
71Vancouver Centennial Legacy 1978 Czolowski 128 pages w/ colour photos$20.00no bids yet
72This is British Columbia Our Natural Heritage 1970 Atkins/Pauls 98 pages$20.00no bids yet
73B.C. The Pioneer Years 1977 Paterson 192 pages softcover$20.00no bids yet
74A Traveller's Guide to Historic B.C. 2009 Neering 340 pages softcover$20.00no bids yet
75Vancouver's First Century A City Album 1860-1960 Hardcover 1977 154 pages$20.00no bids yet
76Vancouver The Way It Was 1986 Kluckner 239 pages Hardcover with dust jacket$20.00no bids yet
77Reflections One Hundred Years...North Vancouver 1990 Davis 128 pages $20.00no bids yet
78Vancouver Remembered 2006 Kluckner 239 pages Hardcover with dust jacket$25.00no bids yet
79Wagon Road North 1969 Downe 80 pages softcover$20.00$5.00
80Newfoundland 1861/1910 mainly Used some faults $764. (50)$75.00$45.00
81Chad 1960s/1970s Mint & Used Sets, singles, & souvenir sheets US$188. (64)$40.00no bids yet
82China 1913/1965 Mint & Used incl Back of the Book etc US$550. (616)$100.00no bids yet
83P.R. China 2013 NH issues in hardcover souvenir album US$75. (101)$25.00$13.00
84R.O. China 1991/1993 NH Blocks US$104. (96)$40.00no bids yet
85R.O. China 2010/2016 Used on paper mix (3 pounds)$40.00no bids yet
86Dogs 1950/2000 mainly Mint Topicals (300)$30.00$8.00
87Europe 1785/1953 Covers & Cards incl three stampless, retail priced $219. (18)$50.00no bids yet
88Europe 1900/1975 twenty mostly Used mini-collections (4000)$100.00no bids yet
89Finland 1875/1991 mainly Used Dealer's Stock US$300. (300)$50.00$23.00
90Finland 1938/1977 Mint & Used Semipostals incl Sets US$200. (130)$50.00$27.00
91First Day Cover album trio and couple other empty albums, no contents (5 pcs)$25.00no bids yet
92Flowers 1964/1994 mainly NH Topicals US$129. (90)$40.00$16.00
93Foreign 1930/2000 Used Jumbo Pictorial/Commemorative Topicals etc (3000)$75.00$34.00
94France 1930/1955 Mint Airmails etc incl NH US$197. (24)$60.00$44.00
95French Polynesia 1934/1939 NH multiples US$126. (78)$30.00$17.50
96French Southern & Antarctic Territories NH range incl Airmails US$196. (55)$60.00no bids yet
97Germany 1945/1948 Local Overprints & Local Issues on Cover (33)$50.00$60.00
98Germany 1946/1948 Michendorf 36 Covers (14 pcs)$30.00$47.00
99Germany 1954/1999 Used incl Semipostals owner's cat. $503. (598)$100.00$25.00
100Germany 1960/1976 Covers & First Day Covers etc (500)$75.00$5.00
101Germany 1903/1955 Mint & Used Back of the Book US$574. (318)$125.00$76.00
102Gibraltar 1918/1954 Mint & Used US$188. (40)$50.00no bids yet
103Great Britain Used 1840 1d Black in souvenir folder US$320.$75.00$37.00
104G.B. 1841/1973 Used in Windsor Springback album incl 1d Reds etc (200)$60.00$30.00
105G.B. 1841/1951 mainly Used Dealer's Stock some faults US$6500. (650)$500.00$230.00
106G.B. 1857/1973 mostly NH in Windsor album some unused (120)$100.00no bids yet
107G.B. 1882/1952 Used Back of the Book owner's cat. $165. (32)$30.00$9.00
108G.B. 1924/1986 mainly NH owner's cat. $580. (700)$100.00no bids yet
109G.B. 1937/2001 Used owner's cat. $285. (391)$60.00no bids yet
110G.B. 1972/1977 NH Gutter Pairs in custom album Face Value 15 Pounds$30.00$5.00
111G.B. 1974/1983 First Day Covers many containing Mint stamp Sets (95 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
112G.B. 1984/1992 First Day Covers most containing Mint stamp Sets (90 pcs)$125.00no bids yet
113G.B. NH 1985 Year Book$40.00no bids yet
114G.B. 1992/1999 First Day Covers housing Mint stamp Sets (110 pcs)$150.00no bids yet
115G.B. NH Regional Machins owner's cat. $125. (114)$25.00no bids yet
116Guernsey & Jersey 1947/1980 mainly NH owner's cat. $420. (415)$75.00$23.00
117Isle of Man 1954/1980 mostly NH owner's cat. $135. (226)$30.00no bids yet
118Greece 1946/1956 Mint & Used US$384. (120)$100.00$33.00
119Guadeloupe 1904/1931 Mint US$120. (81)$40.00$15.00
120Hong Kong 1976/1985 NH Commemoratives incl Souvenir Sheets US$288. (115)$100.00$27.50
121Hong Kong 1985/1986 NH Commemoratives incl Souvenir Sheets US$140. (36)$50.00$11.00
122Hong Kong 1997 NH Birds Set in sheets of 50 US$150. (200)$50.00$20.00
123French India 1931/1952 Mint & Used US$336. (120)$75.00$44.00
124Indo China 1922/1927 Mint & Used US$148. (51)$40.00no bids yet
125International Year of the Child 1979 NH U.S.A./Costa Rica US$156. (130)$50.00$20.00
126International Year of the Child 1979 NH Cyprus/Maldives US$198. (194)$60.00$26.00
127International Year of the Child 1979 NH Maldives/Qatar US$109. (114)$30.00$14.00
128International Year of the Child 1979 NH Romania/Zambia US$169. (170)$50.00$22.00
129Iran 1951/1958 Mint & Used incl B.O.B. US$350. (89)$100.00$46.00
130Ireland 1922/1998 mostly Used in stockbook (400)$50.00$11.00
131Ireland 1971/2002 Never Hinged US$118. (67 different)$40.00$15.00
132Ireland 1991/1993 Never Hinged US$316. (150)$100.00$42.00
133Ireland 1997/1998 Never Hinged incl Sheetlets US$523. (128)$150.00$68.00
134Israel 1949/1960 Covers, some Mint Sets, forerunners, & Palestine$25.00$5.00
135Italy 1901/1928 Mint & Used US$488. (84)$100.00no bids yet
136Japan 1871/1940 mainly Used incl B.O.B. Some faults, owner's cat. $3000. (351)$400.00$82.50
137Japan 1949/1977 mostly NH in three Lighthouse albums with slipcases (1710)$500.00$121.00
138Japan 1937/1953 Mint && Used incl B.O.B. US$358. (76)$75.00$47.00
139Jordan 1964/1965 Mint Sets on pages US$119.$40.00no bids yet
140Malawi 1979/1988 Mint incl NH US$441. (203)$100.00$27.50
141Martinique 1912/1946 Mint on Scott pages incl Sets US$211. (127)$60.00$27.00
142Mother & Child 1940/1996 Mint Topicals US$155. (125)$50.00$20.00
143Netherlands 1876/1994 Used incl Semipostals in Davo album US$2000. (1500)$400.00$110.00
144Netherlands 1925/1933 Used Syncopated Perfs on Davo pages US$600. (90)$150.00$55.00
145Netherlands 1870/1992 Used Back of the Book incl Pairs & Blks US$500. (300)$100.00$55.00
146New Zealand 1882/2002 Mint & Used in Scott Specialty album (1628)$200.00$44.00
147Oman 1969/2003 Mint incl NH US$228. (40)$50.00no bids yet
148Portugal 1895/1971 Mint Sets and singles US$216. (165 different)$60.00no bids yet
149Postcards from Canada and the World (250 pcs)$40.00$5.00
150Postcards and Souvenir Folders musty mass (200 pcs)$40.00$5.00
151Russia 1858/1992 Mint & Used US$323. (34)$75.00no bids yet
152Russia 1909/1952 Mint & Used US$324. (145)$75.00no bids yet
153Russia 1922/1927 Mint & Used US$218. (58)$50.00$25.00
154Russia 1947/1948 Mint & Used US$139. (55 different)$40.00$20.00
155Russia 1978 Mint Olympic Stamps and 1976 coin Set US$118.$40.00$20.00
156San Marino 1949/1955 Mint & Used US$254. (63)$60.00no bids yet
157Saudi Arabia/Hejaz 1922/1924 Mint & Used #L16/L50 US$225. (26)$60.00no bids yet
158Serbia 1869/1920 Mint & Used odd fault US$141. (146)$40.00$17.50
159Complete Works of William Shakespeare 1903 Collins faulty binding 1312 pages$25.00no bids yet
160Singapore 1948/2001 mostly Used US$180. (300 different)$75.00$37.00
161South Africa 1910/1967 Mint & Used US$242. (160)$60.00no bids yet
162South America & World 1900/1970 mainly Used mini collections (4400)$75.00$47.00
163Stockbooks mainly black pages pre-owned, plus Springback (9 pcs)$60.00$46.00
164Stockbook preowned heavy duty binder with 70 manila pages$30.00$18.00
165Sweden 1960/2007 Used in stockbook incl Better US$600. (1200)$75.00$46.00
166Switzerland 1927/1966 Used US$112. (123)$25.00$12.00
167Switzerland 1937/1944 Mint & Used Back of the Book US$151. (75)$40.00$40.00
168Tunisia 1888/1993 mainly Used (400 different)$75.00$55.00
169U.S.A. 1850S/1990 Used in Scott Specialty album (3086)$150.00$77.00
170U.S.A. 1882/1950 mostly Used US$500. (275)$75.00$40.00
171U.S.A. 1917/1939 Mint Booklet Panes incl NH, B.O.B.,some flts US$199. (11 pcs)$50.00no bids yet
172U.S.A. 1937/1948 First Day Covers US$450. (80 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
173U.S.A. 1949/1969 First Day Covers US$250. (143 pcs)$40.00no bids yet
174U.S.A. 1950/1970 Used on paper mix etc incl Postcards (3 pounds)$20.00no bids yet
175U.S.A./Canal Zone 1904/1921 Mint & Used on Scott pages US$426. (22)$100.00no bids yet
176Danish West Indies 1874/1916 Mint & Used US$182. (17)$50.00$25.00
177United Nations 1964/1967 mainly NH plate block sets on White Ace pages$40.00$18.00
178Vatican 1933/1977 Mint in Scott Specialty album (350)$40.00$23.00
179World mostly Used in 1925 Triumph album incl Maps, Better values (1100)$300.00$60.00
180World 1870/1946 mainly Used faulty spacefillers incl Cda & G.B. US$1670. (37)$75.00$27.50
181World 1880/1940 mostly Used A/Y incl early Iran etc (2600)$75.00$37.00
182World 1890/1970 Mint & Used in Statesman album (2000)$30.00$15.00
183World 1900/1970 mainly Used incl China, Canada etc (3000)$75.00$35.00
184World 1900/1960 mostly Used on dealer cards, faults, owner's cat. $1000. (800)$60.00$22.00
185World 1900/1980 mainly Used in Ambassador album (4000)$75.00$50.00
186World 1900/2000 mostly Used Box Lot of albums/stockbooks incl Cda (5000)$60.00$55.00
187World 1900s Covers as received (540)$40.00$20.00
188World Covers & Cards 1916/1966 mainly to Vancouver, B.C. (122 pcs)$30.00$8.00
189World 1920/1950 mainly Used A/C Countries incl Canada (5000)$60.00$27.00
190World 1800s/1980s mostly Used Abu Dhabi/Jugoslavia (1639)$100.00$13.00
191World 1800s/1980s mainly Used Korea/Yemen (902)$50.00$16.50
192World 1920/1990 Mint & Used in Modern album & Shoebox incl China (100s)$75.00$35.00
193World 1920/2005 mostly Used in Statesman Deluxe album incl U.S. (2500)$60.00$27.00
194World 1940/1990 Used Stamp Mine in tupperware container (6600)$40.00$18.00
195World 1940/1990 mainly Used sorted by country (1000)$20.00$13.00
196World 1950/1970 mostly Used in 10 stockbooks (7000)$100.00$36.00
197World 1950/2000 mainly on paper mix (2.5 pounds)$20.00no bids yet
198World 1960/2000 Unused incl Canada & China etc (1500)$60.00$27.00
199World 1960/1990 mostly Used in 5 stockbooks incl Canada etc (3000)$60.00$30.00
200A 93 year old lady consigned this because she had to move house....$100.00$55.00
201Gold Mine as received, you'll see...$50.00$25.00
202Bank Vault as received, you'll see...$40.00$27.50
203World 50c stamps in dealer cards in red box (750 pcs)$50.00$49.50
204World 50c & 75c stamps in dealer cards in red box (750 pcs)$60.00$49.50
205A David Allen special box lot incl German Banknotes etc US$300.$75.00no bids yet
206World Packets yet further proof they don't make 'em like they used to (20 pcs)$30.00$15.00
207Marvelous Mass absolutely everything crammed into a great big box$75.00$37.00
208Canada 1971/1979 cased Silver Dollars (6 pcs)$50.00$50.00
209Canada BU 1976 7-coin Double Dollar Set$20.00$19.00
210Canada BU 1980 7-coin Double Dollar Set$20.00$18.00
211Canada Proof 1985 7-coin Double Dollar Set$20.00$19.00
212World Coins 1940/1980 in biscuit tin (8 pounds)$60.00$49.50
213World Coins etc (2 pounds)$25.00$12.00
214China Coins 1900/1955 incl six Silver 20c (34)$100.00$47.00
215Great Britain Proof 1987 cased 3-coin Gold Set #8698/10,000 .8172oz AGW$1,500.00$1,500.00
216G.B. Proof 1997 10-coin Set US$60. $40.00no bids yet
217Malawi Proof 2009 250 Kwacha cased 7-coin 1 gram pure Gold Bar Set incl Panda$500.00$5.00
218Masterpieces in Medals 3-piece .999 Fine Silver Art Medal trio about 400 grams$400.00$110.00
219Uncle Sam's America Arsenal of Democracy 10 Ounce Sterling Silver Plate$250.00$38.50
220World Paper Money 1922/1966 incl some China & Asia (39 pcs)$25.00$23.00
221Medals & Militaria incl named King's South Africa, Order of St. John etc (100)$100.00$264.00
222Military Photos & ephemera from Canada & U.S.A. (65 pcs)$40.00$44.00
223U.S. Military Personnel Autographs & biographical info etc (98 pcs)$100.00$5.00
224Cross Pen & Pencil Set cased 1/20th karat Gold Filled named to Gordon Wallace$25.00no bids yet
225Yogi Berra N.Y. Yankees framed Autograph w/ C.O.A.$50.00$27.50
226Whitey Ford N.Y. Yankees framed Signed 8x10 w/ C.O.A.$50.00$22.00
227Phil Rizzuto N.Y. Yankees framed Autograph w/ C.O.A.$25.00$5.00
228Cuban 1967/2010 Baseball Guidebook trio in Spanish incl Fidel Castro & Lao$25.00no bids yet
229Tracy Austin Signed Tennis Ball$75.00$16.50
230Royal Vancouver Yacht Club 13th June 1914 2nd Prize Beaver Race Cup$25.00no bids yet
231How to Know Wild Flowers 1926 Parsons 158 plates spine wear 346 pages$30.00no bids yet
232The Golden Treasury Songs & Poems bound in red leather$100.00no bids yet
233The Caboose—Canada & World Stamp References & supplies etc$40.00no bids yet
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