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All Nations Stamp and Coin Auction #1030 - Noon Saturday 10 October 2015

Lot #DescriptionEstimateCurrent BidBid
1Armenia #32/140, 273/309 Mint 1920/1922 as is US$111. (49 diff)$30.00$19.00
2Australia #1/125 Used 1913/1935 Roos incl Varieties US$333. (21)$100.00$44.00
3Australia Used Selection as received (89)$20.00no bids yet
4Austria #74/2033, B.O.B. Used 1890/2005 odd fault US$121. (249)$30.00$9.00
5Bahamas #70/851 Used 1921/1996 (100 different)$40.00$13.00
6Belize #345-359 NH Butterflies & Guyana #7-19 NH Independence Set US$91. (29)$30.00no bids yet
7Brazil #23/505 etc Used 1850/1940 mixed condition US$300. (100 different)$50.00$20.00
8Canada #4c VF Used Ribbed Paper 3d Beaver Imperforate usual thin $800.$200.00no bids yet
9Canada #8i Fine Used 1857 1/2d Lilac Rose Imperforate $550.$150.00$30.00
10Canada #18 on 1866 Kingston Transatlantic Cover to U.K. $250.$75.00no bids yet
11Canada #25-29 Fine+ Used 1868/1876 3c-15c Large Queens, odd flt $315.(5)$75.00$40.00
12Canada #34/600 etc Used study lot of 24 diff, five of each $512. (120)$75.00$27.50
13South Ohio, N.S. 1888 1c Small Queen Strip of three on Hechler Cover$25.00no bids yet
14Canada #35/44 Mint, Unu, & Used 1c/8c Small Queens High Cat. (8)$200.00$5.00
15Canada #39, 43 Fine Mint 1872 & 1888 6c Small Queen duo cple sht perfs $200.$60.00no bids yet
16Canada #51/242 etc Unused 1897/1938 faulty spacefillers $1300. (80 diff)$100.00$60.00
17Canada #55, 57, 59 Fine Mint 1897 Jubilee trio $375.$75.00$49.50
18Canada #62 Fine Used $2 Jubilee smudge cancel $400.$100.00$49.50
19Canada #66, 87ii, 88 NH 1897/1899 single & Pairs $152. (5)$50.00$25.00
20Canada #89-95 Fine+ Used 1903 1c-50c Edward VII Set sml flaws $115. (7)$30.00$15.00
21Canada #96-103 Fine Used 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Set sml flts $340. (8)$75.00$37.00
22Canada #103 Fine Mint 1908 20c Quebec Tercentenary $150.$50.00$25.00
23Canada #104/236 Unused 1911/1937 issues Owner's Cat. $1217. (53)$60.00$30.00
24Canada #118 8c Admiral on 15 Jl 1929 cacheted Toronto/Windsor FFC$25.00no bids yet
25Canada #116i Fine+ Never Hinged 1912 10c Plum Redrawn UR Spandrel $300.$100.00$49.50
26A Happy Thanksgiving 1901 1c Ellen Clapsaddle Winnipeg Colour Postcard$20.00no bids yet
27A Merry Halloween 1911 Embossed 1c Ellen Clapsaddle Colour Postcard$25.00no bids yet
28Canada #126a, Mint HR Perf by Imperf Blk & Mint 3c Vertical Imperf Pair $75. (6)$25.00no bids yet
29Canada #145/173 Unused mainly 50c & $1 Better Values $148. (7)$50.00$30.00
30Canada #178, 180, 280 NH Coil Pairs & Strips incl unlisted Extra Eyebrow 2c (10)$30.00$15.00
31Canada #190/317 Mint Selection incl 50c & $1 Values (17)$30.00$5.00
32Canada #227 F/VF NH $1 Champlain Block of Four, gum bend in two $425.$150.00$56.00
33Canada #227 Registered $1 Champlain Ottawa FDC to Washington, D.C. $200.$75.00no bids yet
34Canada #231-237 cacheted 1c-8c George VI 1937 FDC duo to Buffalo etc$25.00no bids yet
35Canada #249/255 cacheted Enlist Now Slogan Saskatoon 1c-5c War FDC$25.00no bids yet
36Canada #257-262 VFNH 1942/1943 10c-$1 War Issues $288. (6)$100.00no bids yet
37Canada #268-273 VFNH 1946 Peace Issue Set of Six $150.$50.00no bids yet
38Canada #294 XFNH 1950 50c Oil Wells Block of Four $48.$25.00$10.00
39Canada #334/465B mainly NH 1954/1967 incl coils etc $140. (74)$30.00$20.00
40Canada #454/465B NH Centennial Plate & corner Block Study Lot $162.+ (30 pcs)$50.00$7.00
41Canada #790var NH underinked 17c Parliament Block of 6 w/ normal to compare$100.00no bids yet
42Canada #1172Ag, 1174a, 1176a VFNH LR Perf Variety Plate Block trio $140. (12)$50.00$23.00
43Canada NH 1995/1997 45c Booklets, Sheetlets etc FV$101. (225)$100.00$55.00
44Canada NH sealed NHL Allstars $2.50 Six Pack may contain Orr Autograph$20.00$11.00
45Canada NH recalled UNESCO $7.20 self adhesive complete Booklet of Six$100.00$90.00
46Canada NH recalled UNESCO $8.60 Souvenir Sheet of Five$100.00$77.00
47Drumheller Hoodoos Unused Vogue Studio Postcard of later recalled stamp image$20.00$5.00
48Canada #BCL55 VF Victoria, B.C. Used reconstructed $3 Law Pane $125. (25)$30.00$20.00
49Canada #C4 Fine+ Never Hinged Block incl unlisted Filled As $150. (4)$50.00$5.00
50Canada #C5/E11 Mint Range incl #C9ii Double Frameline at right $115.+ (11)$30.00$27.50
51Patricia Airways #CL13 16 Jul 1926 Roessler Red Lake First Flight Cover to N.J.$40.00$16.50
52Commercial Airways #CL48 24 Feb 1931 Bob of the Northland First Flight Cover$25.00$22.00
53Canada #F1-F2 Used 2c & 5c Registered Letter Stamp study lot $90. (23)$25.00$22.00
54Canada #F3 F/VF Used 1876 8c Registered Letter Stamp sml faults $225.$50.00$26.00
55Canada #O25 VF Used G Overprint $1 Ferry $120.$40.00no bids yet
56Canada #O27 VF Used G Overprint Vertical Pair $240.$75.00$55.00
57Canada #O243 stamps NH LR Plate 2 4-hole Perf OHMS H.B.C. Fort Pair$30.00no bids yet
58Canada #UX104Ab 6c Centennial Precancelled Postal Card strips of three (15 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
59Ft. Vancouver 15”x12” Abstract of 1841 H.B.C. Columbia District Returns, sml flaws$1,000.00 $2, 970.00
60Victoria, B.C. 1884 Folded Panoramic View, faults ex Wellburn$25.00no bids yet
61The Lions North Vancouver, B.C. 1909 1c Novelty Postcard ex Wellburn$20.00no bids yet
62#BCL2 on 1889 Thornton Fell Victoria, B.C. Affidavit of Service ex Wellburn$25.00$5.00
63Esquimalt, B.C. 1898 1c SQ uprated 1c postal card to U.K.$50.00no bids yet
64Ferguson, B.C. 1902 2c Numeral Pair Cover to New Brunswick, faults$25.00no bids yet
65Fernie, B.C. 1899 2c Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. Cover to Gold Fields Syndicate$25.00no bids yet
66Nicola, B.C. 1910 1c Quequilly House Merritt Postcard etc ex Price (3 pcs)$40.00no bids yet
67Nithi River, B.C. RF D 1967 OHMS Postpaid Skeena River Water Card$25.00no bids yet
68North Lonsdale, B.C. RF D 1918 2c Easter Postcard$25.00no bids yet
69Steveston, B.C. 1899 2c Cross Border Cover to Seattle, sml flaws $20.00no bids yet
70Vancouver, B.C. 1962 15c H.B.C. #10 Airmail Cover to Norway$25.00no bids yet
71New Brunswick #1 Used Pair on 1857 Cover to New York, corner crease $800.$200.00no bids yet
72New Brunswick #2 VG/F Used St. George #28 grid cancel $800.$200.00no bids yet
73New Brunswick #6 on Cover handstamped circular, sml flaws $300.$75.00no bids yet
74Newfoundland #23i F/VF Mint 1861/1862 Watermarked 1/- Imperforate $100.$40.00no bids yet
75Newfoundland #41/270 etc Used 1880/1947 $130. (80 diff)$40.00$36.00
76Newfoundland #86 on 1909 uprated 2c Cdn Postal Stnry w/ Railway TPO etc $30.00no bids yet
77Newfoundland #193var NH 10c error of colour ex Bileski$40.00$16.50
78Newfoundland #212/270 Mint & Used 1933/1947 Range (60)$40.00$40.00
79Newfoundland 15c Mint Airmail Essay/Cinderella Lafreniere cc8747$25.00$5.00
80Nova Scotia #2 on 1857 Cover to Bridgetown w/ various markings $400.$100.00no bids yet
81Nova Scotia #3 Fine Used 1857 3d Imperforate $200.$50.00no bids yet
82Nova Scotia #4 Used on faulty 1856 Paid 10 Cover to U.S. $2000.$500.00no bids yet
83P.E.I. #5 with Summerside PAID CDS, thinned, APS Cert. #12 Used Roller$30.00no bids yet
84Chad #1/18 F/VF Mint 1922 Overprinted Values to 5Fr US$86. (11)$30.00no bids yet
85China/Foochow #1-9 F/VF Mint 1895 Dragon Boat Set US$186. (9)$100.00$5.00
86Russian Offices in China #8 VF Used on wmkd Laid Paper small flaw US$150.$40.00no bids yet
87P.R. China #290/303 1956 52f Missionary Airmail Cover & contents to Toronto, flts$25.00$5.00
88P.R. China #804/918 F/VF Used 1964/1966 Sets US$85. (20)$40.00no bids yet
89P.R. China #1131-1142 F/VF NH 1973 Art Set US$79. (12)$40.00$5.00
90P.R. China #1149/1496A NH Sets US$107. (17)$50.00no bids yet
91P.R. China #1255-1270 F/VF Mint 1976 8f Five Year Plan Set third cc US$202. (16)$75.00no bids yet
92P.R. China #1278/1422 mainly NH 1976/1978 incl Sets US$109. (16)$50.00no bids yet
93P.R. China #1310/1336 Mint 1977 Sets US$112. (27)$50.00no bids yet
94P.R. China #1587-1609 NH 1980 Sets incl Kites etc US$164. (25)$75.00$27.50
95P.R. China #1832 NH 1983 Year of the Pig Block & single US$100. (5)$50.00no bids yet
96P.R. China #1833/1871 NH 1983 Sets incl Opera etc US$150. (22)$75.00no bids yet
97P.R. China #1840-1844 NH 1983 Opera Blocks Set w/ S/S US$340. (17)$150.00$55.00
98P.R. China #1904 Oct 30 1984 Souvenir Sheet First Day Cover US$60.$30.00$5.00
99P.R. China #2278/3129 NH Sets & singles US$50. (22)$20.00$5.00
100R.O. China #1962/2971, C69/C89 Used 1955/1995 US$75. (165)$25.00no bids yet
101New York 1936 Intl Philatelic Exhibition Mint Cinderella quartet$20.00$5.00
102Denmark #25/34 Used 1875/1879 incl CDS cancels US$195. (9 diff)$60.00$25.00
103Egypt #240/340 Used 1947/1953 incl Shades US$73. (46)$20.00no bids yet
104Egypt #B2/B34, C1-C2, E1-E2 Mint 1926/1967 odd gum flt US$101. (22)$25.00no bids yet
105Falkland Islands #33/45 Fine Mint 1912/1924 George V US$119. (7 diff)$30.00no bids yet
106Falkland Islands #107/179 F/VF Used 1952/1968 Little Lot US$90. (20)$30.00no bids yet
107France #1014/3000 Used 1961/2004 Art issues (100 diff)$75.00$24.00
108France #1100 VFNH 1964 Philatex Paris Sheet w/ labels US$100. (4)$40.00$16.50
109France #B392A/B566B NH 1965/1984 Red Cross Booklets US$84. (15 pcs)$30.00no bids yet
110Reunion #61/368, B2/J49 Mint 1907/1964 incl dups US$81. (83 diff)$20.00no bids yet
111F.S.A.T. #1/14 F/VF mainly Never Hinged US$75. (14) $25.00no bids yet
112French Southern & Antarctic Territory #C9 VFNH 1963 100F Penguins US$110.$50.00$24.00
113Bavaria #16/270 etc Mint & Used 1867/1920 (200 diff)$75.00$26.00
114Wurttemberg #49/O182 Mint & Used 1869/1920 (125 diff)$75.00$22.00
115Germany #143/701, B325/B492a 1952/1972 Cover quartet US$92. $30.00$5.00
116Germany/Occupied Czech last & first day cancelled Postcard trio$60.00$33.00
117Germany #630/721 Used Range incl Sets & better values odd flt US$118. (68)$30.00$5.00
118Germany #1000/1558, B430/B681 NH Dealer's Stock US$90. (46)$30.00$12.00
119Germany #B314-B315, B318-B319 F/VF Used Semipostal Set duo US$177. (4) $60.00$27.00
120Germany #B327-B330 F/VF Used 1952 Semipostal Set US$92. (4)$30.00no bids yet
121Germany 1946 Used Selection Owner's Cat.$95. (40)$20.00$5.00
122Berlin #9N14/9N586, 9NB195/9NB244 Used 1948/1990 US$137. (112)$30.00$9.00
123East Germany Used 1960/1980 Display Packet (350 diff)$25.00$10.00
124Gibraltar #116, 116b, 117, 117a Fine Mint George VI Perf Vars US$150. (4 diff)$50.00$25.00
125G.B. 1842/1865 Transatlantic Folded Letter Sheet quartet$75.00no bids yet
126G.B. #68, 79 October 1880 Transatlantic Folded Letter Sheet to New York$40.00no bids yet
127G.B. #142 Fine Used Edward VII Pound small flaws U$825.$200.00no bids yet
128G.B. #230, 232-233 1 Sep 1936 Edward VIII London First Day Cover$60.00$46.00
129G.B./Tangier #550-558 F/VF Mint George VI Set US$59. (9)$20.00$10.00
130Isle of Man 1970s/1980s Mint & Used Little Lot (64)$20.00no bids yet
131Jersey #18/64 mainly NH Blocks of Four & portion of first day US$121. (52)$40.00no bids yet
132Greece #171/178Fine Mint 1901 25l/3Dr Hermes High Vals etc US$114. (6 diff)$30.00$15.00
133Greece #C1-C4 F/VF Never Hinged 1926 Airmail Set US$80. (4)$40.00$17.50
134Hong Kong #147/736 Used Commemoratives US$100. (57)$25.00no bids yet
135Hong Kong #439/833a NH 1985/1998 Sets & S/S etc US$250. (200)$75.00$5.00
136Iceland #742/1259 Used 1991/2012 US$135. (92 diff)$40.00$9.00
137India 1907 Minto Fete Calcutta Red Cross cancel Postcard to Howrah$30.00no bids yet
138India 1924 Mount Everest Expedition Postal Runner Postcard to U.K.$100.00no bids yet
139Ireland #250-265, 290-304 Mint Definitive Sets incl NH US$73. (34)$25.00no bids yet
140Ireland #J15-J21 Mint & Used Set duo, J25-J27 NH Set US$54. (17)$20.00no bids yet
141Italy #66/158 Used 1890/1925 Group, sml flaws, last Perfin US$266. (13)$60.00$9.00
142Italy #239/418 Ten Used Commemorative Sets US$100. (34)$40.00$16.50
143Italy #1965/2638 Used 1994/2004 Sets incl duplication US$65. (73)$20.00$5.00
144Italy #C13-C14, C16 F/VF Used 1948 AMG FTT Overprints, as is US$409. (3)$60.00no bids yet
145Jamaica Used 1890/1994 Display Packet (170 diff)$40.00$9.00
146Lebanon #J9-J15, J21-J25 F/VF Mint incl NH 1924/1928 Dues US$76. (12)$25.00no bids yet
147Madagascar/Malagasy 97 diff Mint & Used 1938/1957 US$119. (133)$30.00$17.50
148Malawi #518-533A, 598 Mint 1988/1994 Birds Sets US$112. (37)$40.00no bids yet
149Mayotte #85/150 incl 86a NH 1997/2001 incl Souvenir Sheets US$95. (45)$30.00no bids yet
150Memel mainly Unused 1920/1923 issues incl French, German etc (75 diff)$75.00$37.00
151Mexico 1914 Santa Ana/Magdalena Commercial Cover faults ex Hunter$25.00no bids yet
152Nauru #1/259 mainly Mint 1916/1982 Range (100 diff)$50.00$16.50
153New Guinea #3/29, C46-C53 Mint 1932/1939 US$106. (16 diff)$40.00$5.00
154New Zealand #B57a-B64a stamps NH Birds Semipostal Minisheets US$109. (8 diff)$40.00$5.00
155New Zealand #C5 F/VF one NH 1934 Trans-Tasman Airmail Vertical Pair US$100.$30.00no bids yet
156New Zealand 1867/1950 Used Fiscals incl CDS 22/- etc $125. (23 diff)$40.00$20.00
157North Borneo #35/296 etc mostly Used 1887/1963 (75 diff)$40.00$25.00
158Obock #1/6 gen Fine Mint, first Unused 1892 Overprints US$282. (5 diff)$60.00no bids yet
159Pitcairn Islands #1/258 mainly Mint 1940/1985 (100 diff)$75.00$25.00
160Portuguese Congo #2/34 Mint & Used 1894/1903 odd fault US$113. (19 diff)$30.00$15.00
161Rhodesia #136, 138 likely Fiscally Used Perfin duo, first foxed$50.00no bids yet
162Russia #304/328 F/VF Mint 1925/1927 Imperf Defins US$100. (18)$40.00no bids yet
163Russia #1497-1503 VF Mint 1950 Baltic Anniversary Set duo US$110. (7)$40.00no bids yet
164Russia #1260/5963 etc NH 1948/1991 incl Sets US$100. (125 diff)$30.00$13.00
165Russia #C20-C25 F/VF mainly Mint 1931/1932 Zeppelins US$73. (6)$25.00$10.00
166South Russia #10, 52 F/VF Mint 1919 20k & Imperf 50k duo US$90.$30.00no bids yet
167St.Lucia #27/957 etc Mint & Used 1891/1990 (150 diff)$40.00$11.00
168Samoa #114/381 Mint & Used 1914/1972 (100 diff)$50.00$13.00
169Sarawak #36/268 mainly Used 1901/1986 (75 diff)$30.00$11.00
170Sierra Leone #55 Used surcharged Victoria Stamp Duty ex Hudson US$400.$100.00$22.00
171Somali Coast #34var/63var Mint Inverts from the printer's waste (12)$30.00no bids yet
172Sudan #9/469 Used 1898/1994 seldom offered Selection (200 diff)$50.00$15.00
173Switzerland 1938/1966 First Flight Covers incl #344, C42 (11 pcs)$30.00no bids yet
174Switzerland #B22/B333 Used 1922/1963 Semipostals US$170. (60 diff)$50.00$22.00
175Switzerland #C1 Mint & Used First Airmail duo, as is US$142.$40.00no bids yet
176U.S.A. Unused 1930s etc California Gold Rush/Logging Postcards (6 diff)$30.00no bids yet
177U.S.A. 1860 3c Hinckley & Cos. faked Express Cover, 2015 PSAC cert.$60.00no bids yet
178U.S.A.#98 Fine Used 1868 15c Lincoln US$275.$60.00no bids yet
179U.S.A. #518var NH $1 Franklin Offset Variety$20.00no bids yet
180U.S.A./Locals #5L1P 1844 American Letter Mail Imperf Reprint Proofs (5 diff)$40.00no bids yet
181Hawaii #30/82 mainly Used 1864/1894 odd sml fault US$130. (11 diff)$40.00$16.50
182Vatican City #100a/E11a Mint & Used little lot US$138. (8 diff)$40.00no bids yet
183Virgin Islands #19/222 Used little lot US$74. (8 diff)$20.00$9.00
184Zanzibar #56/343 Used 1898/1966 (100 diff)$75.00$30.00
185Canada AU/Unc 1935 George v Jubilee Silver $1 w/ H.B.(C.) Initials on canoe pack$30.00$20.00
186Canada AU/Unc 1939 Royal Visit Silver Dollar & Medallion etc quartet$40.00$32.00
187Canada AU/Unc 1958 & 1971 Commemorative Silver Dollar duo$40.00$21.00
188Canada BU 1995 Hudson's Bay Company Commemorative Silver Dollar$20.00$32.00
189 Canada BU 1996 $5 Silver Maple Leaf in original holdern$40.00$21.00
190Canada BU 2012 Farewell to the Penny Silver $20 in original holder$30.00$27.50
191Canada BU 1963 1c-$1 6-coin Silver Proof-Like Set in original pliofilm envelope$30.00$27.50
192Great Britain BU 1900 Victoria Farthing with original blackened finish $30.00$5.00
193Great Britain AU 1937 Edward VIII 35mm Bronze Medallion rim nick$30.00no bids yet
194Hudson's Bay Company Unc 1820 York Factory Pound sml flaw ex Harding $500.00$150.00
195Hudson's Bay Company B.C. District Dease Post 25c Card Money$500.00$5.00
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