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All Nations Large Lot & Collections Auction #1037 - Noon Saturday 28 November 2015

Lot #DescriptionEstimateCurrent BidBid
1A/B World 1880/1980 Mint & Used in Global album some adhesion (2000)$125.00no bids yet
2Albania 1913/199 mainly Used on Harris pages (300 different)$60.00$32.00
3Album Binders only incl Springbacks etc preowned (8 pcs)$40.00no bids yet
4Anguilla & Cayman Islands 1920/1944 mostly Mint on pages some adhesion (500)$50.00$23.00
5Antigua & Barbuda 1862/1988 mainly Mint on Minkus pages some adhesion (400)$75.00$15.00
6Arab States & Asia Used incl N. Korea, Mongolia in Stockbook (1100)$40.00$20.00
7Arab Area mainly Used incl Souvenir Sheets US$425. (485)$100.00no bids yet
8Grosvenor 2005/2013 Color Auction Catalogues (8 different)$20.00no bids yet
9Australia 1902/1952 Used on pages US$425. (130 different)$100.00$25.00
10Australia 1953/2005 Used incl Antarctic Territory US$540. (820 different)$150.00$70.00
11Austria 1872/1996 mainly Used approvals (1000)$60.00$36.00
12Azores 1906/1931 mostly Mint on Scott pages (100 different)$60.00$42.00
13Bahrain 1933/2000 Used on Scott Specialty pages US$370. (80 diff)$100.00$44.00
14Barbados 1882/1997 Used on pages incl Topicals (400 different)$150.00$66.00
15Belgium 1950/1995 mostly Used in Stockbook (620 different)$40.00$22.00
16Bhutan 1968/1975 exotic Mint Topicals in custom album US$333. (130)$100.00$5.00
17Bolivia 1890/1980 Used on pages incl Sets & some Mint S/S ex Raven (450 diff)$50.00$55.00
18British Commonwealth 1850s/1960s Mint & Used on pages (1000)$75.00$35.00
19British Commonwealth 1880/1965 Used in Black Springback $1100. (1500)$250.00$82.50
20British Commonwealth 1907/1995 A/C mainly Mint on Minkus pages some adh.$75.00no bids yet
21British Commonwealth 5 Pounds Mix Box Lot$50.00no bids yet
22British Commonwealth 1937 Mint Coronation Omnibus in album (204)$50.00$25.00
23British Commonwealth 1981 NH Diana Wedding Omnibus in album (65 diff)$25.00$13.00
24Statutes of Upper Canada 1832/1833 Colborne 216 pages weak binding$50.00no bids yet
25Canada 1860s/1950s Mint & Used on pages incl useful Admirals (500)$60.00$71.50
26Canada 1870/1981 Mint & Used in Harris Album incl Better, FV$130. (1350)$200.00$41.00
27Canada 1873/1989 mainly Mint on Minkus pages may be varieties FV$222.$200.00$33.00
28Canada 1870/1953 mostly Used on Minkus pages incl BOB (350)$40.00$20.00
29Canada 1880/1990 mainly Used in Album trio some faults (1750)$75.00$30.00
30Canada 1930/1992 mainly Mint in adhesive photo album can be saved FV$769.$300.00$55.00
31Canada 1953/1969 mainly Mint on Minkus pages FV$20. (400)$25.00$11.00
32Canada 1920/1980 mainly Used Dealer's Accumulation incl Nfld etc (2000)$30.00$15.00
33Canada 1959/1969 Mint Souvenir Cards $115. (12 pcs)$30.00$15.00
34Canada 1960/2000 Covers in small plastic bin (500)$20.00no bids yet
35Canada 1967/1973 Centennials Used Shoebox Lot (10,000)$50.00no bids yet
36Canada 1970/1985 Dozen Covers plus Jarrett & Minkus Canada Albums only$20.00no bids yet
37Canada 1970s/2000s First Day Covers & Postal Stationery Shoebox Lot (400)$75.00$15.00
38Canada 5 Pounds 8c/32c mainly Definitives on paper mix$20.00no bids yet
39Canada 1972/1974 NH Plate Blocks etc in Harris Album FV$200. $200.00$15.00
40Canada 1977 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $40. (32)$20.00$9.00
41Canada 1978/1981 NH Matched Sets etc in Harris album FV$350.$350.00$5.00
42Canada 1979 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $30. (49)$20.00$5.00
43Canada 1980 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $30. (31)$20.00$5.00
44Canada 1981 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $30. (29)$20.00$5.00
45Canada 1982 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $45. (54)$25.00$5.00
46Canada 1982/1990 NH 30c/68c Matched Sets Face Value $1,000.$1,000.00$5.00
47Canada 1983 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $55. (45)$30.00$12.00
48Canada 1984 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $40. (41)$20.00$9.00
49Canada 1985 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $45. (50)$25.00$10.00
50Canada 1987/2002 NH incl Multiples as Green Doubling Capex S/S etc FV$200.$200.00no bids yet
51Canada 1987/1999 Used in CWS Volume 3 Slip EZ Album (655 different)$40.00$20.00
52Canada 1987/1994 First Day Covers in album $139. (36)$30.00$5.00
53Canada 1989 bundle of 100 50c Parliament Booklet FDCs $140.$30.00no bids yet
54Canada 1990/2000 Mint in Minkus album may be some Perf Vars FV$363.$300.00$15.00
55Canada 1990/2010 10 Pounds Definitives on paper mix Box Lot$30.00no bids yet
56Canada 1990 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $55. (51)$30.00$16.50
57Canada 1991 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $55. (61)$30.00$12.00
58Canada 1992 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $85. (75)$40.00$19.00
59Canada 1993 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $80. (64)$40.00$17.50
60Canada 1993/1999 Mint multiples in adhesive photo album can be saved FV$660.$300.00$16.50
61Canada 1994 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $70. (64)$40.00$15.00
62Canada 1995 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $80. (68)$40.00$15.00
63Canada 1996 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $80. (79)$40.00$17.50
64Canada 1997 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $90. (44)$50.00$14.00
65Canada 1997 NH Year of the Ox Uncut Press Sheet $225. $75.00$49.50
66Canada 1997/2001 NH Lunar New Year 3-country Packs (5 different)$50.00no bids yet
67Canada 1998 NH Year of the Tiger Uncut Press Sheet $85.$40.00$19.00
68Canada NH Thematic Packs incl Dinosaurs & Year of the Tiger Pack (5 pcs)$40.00no bids yet
69Canada 1998 NH R.C.M.P. Uncut Press Sheet $75.$40.00$16.50
70Canada 1998 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $95. (80)$50.00$20.00
71Canada 1999 NH Year of the Rabbit Uncut Press Sheet $75. $40.00no bids yet
72Canada 1999 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $85. (76)$50.00$17.50
73Canada 1999/2000 NH Millennium Panes & FDCs Set $238. (34 pcs)$75.00$45.00
74Canada 1999 NH Special Edition Millenniun Collection $120.$60.00$11.00
75Canada 1999 Official Millennium Stamp Medallion Keepsakes (6 pcs)$30.00no bids yet
76Canada 2000 NH Year of the Dragon Uncut Press Sheet $65.$30.00$5.00
77Canada 2000/2005 Mint in adhesive photo album but salvageable FV$634.$300.00$5.00
78Canada 2000 NH Annual Souvenir Collection $85.$40.00$15.00
79Canada 2001 NH Year of the Snake Uncut Press Sheet $60.$30.00no bids yet
80Canada 2001 NH Annual Souvenir collection $90.$40.00$20.00
81Canada 2001/2005 Mint on Minkus pages in album to 2007 FV$226.$200.00$82.50
82Canada 2002 NH Year of the Horse Uncut Press Sheet $75.$40.00$5.00
83Canada 2004 NH Year of the Monkey Uncut Press Sheet $75.$40.00$5.00
84Canada 2006 NH Year of the Dog Uncut Press Sheet $75.$40.00no bids yet
85Canada 2007 NH Year of the Pig Uncut Press Sheet $125. $60.00no bids yet
86Canada 1940s/1980s Mint Booklets incl French Language etc $470. $125.00no bids yet
87Canada 1925/1963 Used 4 and 5-hole Perf OHMS in Wrigley album $1200. $300.00$220.00
88B.C. Covers 1964 5c Disabled Veterans hoard from small towns ex Raven (500)$40.00no bids yet
89Saskatchewan 1915/1936 Used 25c/$2 Laws etc on documents some flts (415)$50.00no bids yet
90Newfoundland 1919/1933 mainly Used incl Better $170. (18)$50.00$25.00
91Canada & U.S.A. 1935/1944 Alberta Covers & letters in big, black Suitcase (400)$50.00no bids yet
92Canada & World 1960/1980 incl Multiples on black stockpages (3000)$20.00no bids yet
93Canada & World Mass of Mixtures 15 Pounds in Large clear Bin$50.00no bids yet
94Canada & World Mish Mash Box Lot as received$40.00no bids yet
95Canada & World 3 Pounds Mix Shoebox from B.C. Guide Dog Services$30.00$5.00
96Canada Darnell album/pages to 1988, Minkus 2008/2011, Harris World 1971/75 pgs$25.00no bids yet
97Postmarks of the Cape Good Hope 1984 Goldblatt 250 pages with dust jacket etc$30.00no bids yet
98China 1897/1949 Mint & Used in Springback some adhesion (1300)$200.00$43.00
99China 1890s/1980s Mint & Used in Red Stockbook US$925. (760)$250.00$50.00
100China & World Mint & Used Revenues, Cinderellas etc (400)$100.00no bids yet
101China & World 1920/1975 Mint & Used in Harris album (2500)$125.00no bids yet
102P.R. China 1949/2006 Mint & Used on Minkus pages some adhesion (2000)$400.00no bids yet
103P.R. China 1985/2010 NH incl Bklts, Folders, Sets & S/S US$125. (120)$60.00$32.00
104P.R. China & World 1920s/1980s Cards & Covers Shoebox Lot incl FDCs (248 pcs)$50.00no bids yet
105R.O. China 1945/2000 Mint & Used on Minkus pages some adhesion (1500)$150.00no bids yet
106Cinderellas etc Mint & Used incl Lundy, multiples$25.00$5.00
107Colombia 1886/1978 Used on Steiner pages incl some flty earlies (535 different)$40.00$5.00
108Czechoslovakia 1918/2007 mainly Used in 2 Volume etc Box Lot (3000)$75.00no bids yet
109Czechoslovakia & Eastern Europe 1950/1980 mainly Used in Stockbook duo $50.00no bids yet
110Czechoslovakia & Hungary Mint & Used US$250. (500)$50.00no bids yet
111Denmark 1930s/1960s FDCs in album from the Basil Hunter Estate (100 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
112Denmark 1960s/1980s FDCs in album from the Basil Hunter Estate (117 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
113Denmark 1981/1986 FDCs in album from the Basil Hunter Estate (80 pcs)$60.00no bids yet
114Eastern Europe 1873/2015 Used in Stockbook incl Hungary (1200 different)$40.00$33.00
115Fiji 1880/1988 Mint & Used on Minkus pages some adhesion (450)$60.00$33.00
116Finland 1883/1970s Used incl Back of the Book US$290. (274)$75.00$15.00
117Fire Fighting Topical Covers & FDCs Box Lot (500 pcs)$150.00no bids yet
118Fiume 1919/1924 Mint on pages some may be forgeries US$230. (70 different)$60.00$30.00
119France 1867/1940 Used on pages US$250. (220)$60.00$27.00
120France & Area 1860/2004 Mint & Used in Minkus Global album some adh (2400)$250.00$121.00
121France & Colonies mainly Used incl WWII, BOB etc US$540. (322)$100.00$30.00
122French Area 1925/1990 A/C Mint & Used in Master Global album some adh (2500)$100.00no bids yet
123French West Africa 1943/1958 Mint Sets & S/S on Scott Specialty pages (104)$75.00$37.00
124Bavaria 1849/1920 Used on pages US$225. (110 different)$60.00$12.00
125Wurttemberg 1851/1920 mainly Used on pages US$170. (60 different)$50.00$27.00
126Germany 1851/1948 Mint & Used in Scott Specialty album some adhesion (1000)$125.00$27.50
127Germany 1872/1948 Mint & Used in Scott Specialty album, faults (2300)$200.00$60.00
128Germany 1949/2004 mainly Used on Scott Specialty pages some adhesion (800)$100.00no bids yet
129Germany 1951/2001 mainly NH on Vario stockpages US$600. (474)$150.00no bids yet
130Germany 1955/2000 mainly Used Box Lot in 6 Volumes (4500)$200.00no bids yet
131Germany 1924/1945 Mint && Used Semipostals on Vario pages US$545. (148) $150.00$30.00
132Germany 1951/2001 mainly NH Semipostals on stockpages US$270. (143)$75.00no bids yet
133Germany 1914/1945 Mint & Used Occupation issues on pages US$300. (200)$75.00$25.00
134East Germany 1948/1989 Used on pages (600)$25.00no bids yet
135East Germany 1946/1986 Used in Scott Specialty album, some adhesion (2000)$100.00$15.00
136East Germany 1949/1960 Mint & Used on Vario stocksheets US$675. (517)$150.00$15.00
137East Germany 1961/1980s mainly Used on pages US$200. (450)$50.00no bids yet
138G.B. 1937/2004 Mint & Used incl Souvenir Sheets & Booklet US$380. (519)$75.00$21.00
139G.B. 1937/1984 Mint & Used in Gibbons album plus 1990/2004 pages (200)$30.00$16.50
140G.B. 1930S/1980 mainly Used Accumulation Box Lot (12,000)$60.00no bids yet
141G.B. 1950/1985 Used Hoard (1000)$20.00no bids yet
142Great Britain 1966/1972 First Day Covers etc (41)$25.00$5.00
143G.B. 1977/2013 PHQ Cards in custom albums etc Box Lot (1000 pcs)$150.00$5.00
144Great Britain 1980/1992 First Day Covers in custom album (55 pcs)$50.00$5.00
145G.B. 1980S/2000 Used Definitives Accumulation Box Lot on manila pages (3000)$60.00no bids yet
146Great Britain 2006/2008 First Day Covers in custom album (50 pcs)$100.00$5.00
147Great Britain 2006/2010 NH Presentation Packs FV 55 Pounds$100.00$60.00
148Great Britain 2008/2010 NH Presentation Packs FV 56 Pounds$100.00$73.00
149Great Britain 2009/2011 First Day Covers in custom album (40 pcs)$75.00$5.00
150Great Britain 2010/2012 NH Presentation Packs FV 55 Pounds$100.00$68.00
151G.B. Machin Madness Box Lot incl Stockbook etc (1000s)$40.00no bids yet
152Great Britain 2012/2014 NH Presentation Packs FV 38 Pounds (16 pcs)$75.00$15.00
153Greece 1862/1991 Mint & Used incl 1938 Wedding Souvenir etc US$350.$75.00no bids yet
154Greece 1875/1975 mostly Used on Steiner pages some flty Hermes Heads (550)$60.00no bids yet
155Grenada 1861/1988 Mint & Used on Minkus pages some adhesion (800)$50.00no bids yet
156Guadeloupe and French Guinea 1890/1972 Mint & Used some adhesion (650)$50.00$15.00
157Guinea 1972/1988 Used Topicals incl multiples may be some adhesion (1000)$30.00$27.50
158India 1880s/1950s Mint & Used on pages incl Better (125)$30.00$5.50
159Israel 1948/1969 mainly Used on pages incl S/S etc US$160. (475)$50.00$5.00
160Liberia 1892/1960 Mint & Used on pages US$120. (138)$30.00$7.00
161Malaya & States 1910/1936 Mint & Used on pages US$160. (104)$50.00$15.00
162Malta 1885/2002 Mint & Used on stockpages incl BOB (500 different)$125.00$70.00
163Mauritius 1882/1975 Mint & Used on pages (100 different)$30.00$20.00
164Mount Mine Box Lot incl 22/57mm Black split back Showgards (80 packs)$100.00$88.00
165New Caledonia 1969/1985 Mint & Used incl BOB odd flt US$100. (84)$25.00$13.00
166Philatelic References incl Christie's Sam Nickle Cat & results Box Lot (30 pcs)$30.00no bids yet
167Russia 1938/1946 Used on Minkus pages incl Sets odd flt US$300. (120 diff)$100.00$40.00
168Russia 1976/1996 Mint & Used in custom album incl Olympics (140)$40.00no bids yet
169Russian area mainly Mint earlies on pages incl Georgia etc US$154. (130)$50.00$25.00
170Russia 1963/1992 Used in pair of circuit books (2500) $100.00no bids yet
171Russian Republics 1990/1992 NH in custom album (194)$75.00$5.00
172Scouting Topicals 1950/1983 mainly Used incl Covers (85)$20.00$11.00
173Sierra Leone 1961/1971 Mint Topicals incl Sets etc US$200. (70 different)$60.00$37.00
174South Africa 1910/1935 Used on pages incl Pairs etc US$327. (101)$100.00no bids yet
175South & Central America 1863/2104 mainly Used in Stockbook (2080 different)$75.00no bids yet
176Southern Rhodesia 1931/1953 mainly Used incl Better, cple FDCs US$215. (74)$75.00no bids yet
177Sweden 1877/1980 Used on Steiner pages incl duplication (788 different)$50.00$20.00
178Switzerland 1854/2012 Used on pages US$1076. (1075)$300.00no bids yet
179Switzerland 1862/1939 Used on pages US$400. (175 different) $100.00$22.00
180Switzerland 1917/1940s Soldier's Mail from the Roy Pawlucki estate (140 pcs)$300.00no bids yet
181Switzerland 1946/1999 Used on pages from the Basil Hunter estate (700)$75.00$50.00
182Zumstein 2015 Swiss & Liechtenstein 906 page colour Stamp Catalogue$20.00$12.00
183Thailand mainly Used Accumulation of 295 different to 2006 incl BOB (332)$20.00$16.50
184Tuvalu 1976/2008 mainly NH Topicals incl Specimen Ovpts in Stockbook (379 diff)$150.00no bids yet
185United States 1974/2000 Liberty albums and Mix Box Lot (2000)$50.00no bids yet
186United States 2001/2004 Liberty albums and Mix Box Lot (3000)$60.00no bids yet
187Scott 2015 U.S. Specialized Colour 1204 Page Catalogue issued at $119.99$60.00$49.50
188United Nations 1975/1980 Mint on Minkus pages incl Offices, Airs (111 different)$20.00no bids yet
189World Mint & Used in 1895 Lincoln album as received, faults (1500)$150.00$49.50
190World 1920/1960 mostly Used in Black Springback album (2800)$75.00$34.00
191World 1920/1970 Mint & Used in Regent album incl Better G.B. (2800)$75.00$60.00
192World 1920/1960 mainly Used Box Lot in two Citation albums (1500)$60.00$37.00
193World 1930/1970 mostly Used on Harris pages incl Mint N.Z. (2400)$75.00no bids yet
194World 1930/1970 mainly Used Box Lot in 7 small albums/stockbooks flts (2000)$30.00$5.50
195World 1960/1985 Covers & FDCs incl G.B., Israel, & U.N. (575 pcs)$60.00no bids yet
196World 1970/1990 5 Pounds Mix Box Lot incl Cigar Boxes etc $50.00$5.00
197World Mix 2 Pounds Box Lot of 1980 to present$30.00no bids yet
198World 1920/1975 C/I Mint & Used in Citation album (3400)$100.00$70.00
199World 1900/1980 G/S mostly Used on homemade pages in Six Volumes (9000)$200.00$55.00
200World 1920/1975 I/Q Mint & Used in Citation album (2200)$60.00$60.00
201World 1920/1978 R/Z Used on Harris pages in bursting Citation album (2600)$75.00$70.00
202World Mint & Used on a hundred manila stocksheets (5000)$60.00no bids yet
203Canada & World Box Lot incl Dutch Duplicates & more (1000s)$40.00$5.00
204Philatelic Phantasmagoria Box Lot as received incl Mixes etc (3000)$50.00$35.00
205World Mint & Used Shoebox Lot incl Rowland Hill album etc$25.00$5.50
206World Mint & Used on a hundred manila stocksheets (5000)$60.00$8.00
207World Suitcase Lot incl Statesman album, Mint Cda, Postcards etc (2500)$60.00no bids yet
208World Show Dealer Box Lot incl UN FDCs, Postcards, Cda Mix etc$40.00no bids yet
209World Lifelong Collector Shoebox Lot just in time for Christmas$25.00$5.00
210World Good, Bad, and Ugly Box Lot incl Citation album, Cda FDCs etc (1200)$40.00no bids yet
211World Mounds of Mixtures Box Lot as received (4 Lbs)$40.00$20.00
212World Floor Sweepings incl Australian States, Malta Mix etc in beerflat$40.00$5.00
213World Caboose Box Lot as received incl off paper mix, stockbook etc $40.00$5.00
214WWI Covers & Cards from a dealer's estate his retail $400. (65 pcs)$100.00$66.00
215Yugoslavia 1900/1992 mainly Used on approval pages some adhesion (1000)$50.00no bids yet
216Zeppelin Covers, Cards, & ephemera incl R-100 etc ex Pawlucki (55 pcs)$75.00$121.00
217Canada 1910/2000 1c/5c Coins in Whitman Folders incl 30 Large Cents FV$15.$50.00$22.00
218Canada BU 1975 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $15.$20.00$10.00
219Canada BU 1976 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $16.$20.00$11.00
220Canada BU 1979 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $18.50$20.00$11.00
221Canada BU 1980 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $36.$20.00$11.00
222Canada Proof 1981 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $36.$20.00$19.00
223Canada Proof 1982 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $36.$20.00$11.00
224Canada Proof 1985 1c-$1 7-coin Double Dollar Set issued at $40.$20.00$11.00
225Canadian Coins 2014 Collector & Maple Leaf Issues 442 page Charlton Catalogue$20.00$5.00
226Panama Proof 1974 20 Balboas 3.8291 oz Silver Coin in original box US$160.$100.00$111.00
227Crystal (U.S.) Coins 1971 1c-$1 9” Glass collector's plate in original holder $20.00$5.00
228World Coins 1950/2000 8 Pounds mix of mainly Asian$60.00$45.00
229World Coins framed and mounted as received (54 pcs)$25.00$5.00
230Canadian Paper Money 2015 Ringbound colour 424 page Charlton Catalogue$20.00$5.00
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