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All Nations Stamp and Coin Auction #1098 - Noon, Saturday 4 March 2017

Lot #DescriptionEstimateCurrent BidBid
1Aden #1-11, 20-27 gen VFNH 1942 & 1951 Kathiri State of Seiyun Set duo (19)$40.00$11.00
2Alaouites #J1-J10 Mint 1925 Postage Dues #76 & J8 sml thins US$76. (10)$20.00no bids yet
3Albania #208/260, B1-B4, C29-C35 Mint 1928/1930 US$163. (43)$50.00no bids yet
4Antigua #12var Fine Mint 1882 1/2d Detached Triangle Variety$100.00$41.00
5Ascension #23/498 etc mainly Mint 1934/1990 (200 different)$75.00$55.00
6Victoria #AR63 Fine Melbourne CDS Used 7 Pounds Postal Fiscal US$225.$75.00$12.00
7Australia #2/654 Used 1913/1976 US$161. (156 different)$50.00$9.00
8Australia #50 Mint John Ash Imprint Gutter Pair & #52 Used US$187. (3)$60.00$24.00
9Australia #94/158 Mint & Used 1930/1936 Commemoratives #105 thin US$142. (16)$40.00no bids yet
10Australia #326/520 Mint 1963/1972 Topicals $84. (22)$20.00no bids yet
11Austria 1850/1907 Mint & Used odd fault $200. (78)$50.00no bids yet
12Bahamas #49/858b etc Mint & Used 1912/1997 (150 different)$60.00$32.00
13Barbados #63/229 mainly Mint 1882/1951 US$127. (37)$30.00$15.00
14Barbados #140-150 F/VF Mint 1920 Victory Set US$57. (11)$20.00$8.00
15Bavaria #24/270 etc Mint & Used 1870/1920 Classics (150 different)$40.00$20.00
16Bechuanaland #1/52 Mint & Used 1886/1888 US$443. (18)$100.00$38.50
17Belgian Congo #1/25 Mint & Used 1886/1901 Range US$234. (21)$60.00$42.00
18Belgium #60/75 CDS Used 1893/1900 Set w/ labels at foot US$137. (16)$40.00no bids yet
19Belgium #B144-B150 Fine Mint HR 1933 Set last small thin US$240. (7)$60.00no bids yet
20Belgium #Q179/Q214 Mint 1933/1939 Parcel Post issues US$97. (18)$30.00$10.00
21Bermuda #16/747 etc Used 1880/1997 US$160. (75 different)$50.00$23.00
22Bermuda #105-114 mainly NH 1936/1940 George V US$81. (11)$30.00$10.00
23Birds 1950/1990 Used Topical Packet of 800 different$75.00$45.00
24Brazil #650/2189 Mint 1946/1989 Selection US$332. (331)$100.00no bids yet
25British Commonwealth 1931/1990 NH Sets & Singles US$100. (66 different)$30.00$14.00
26British Commonwealth gen VFNH 1953 QEII Coronation Omnibus etc US$69. (62)$30.00$10.00
27British Guiana 1880s/1950s CDS Used cancels (79)$25.00no bids yet
28B.I.O.T. #34/58 Never Hinged 1969/1970 incl 53a US$87. (26)$30.00no bids yet
29Brunei #776-78, 83-96 gen VFNH 1949 & 1952 issues (17)$20.00no bids yet
30Canada #3F Used Facsimile on card$30.00$5.00
31Canada #14/19 gen Fine Used 1859/1864 1c/17c some small flaws $160. (5)$40.00no bids yet
32Canada #34 VFNH 1882 1/2c Small Queen Block of Four $300.$150.00no bids yet
33Canada #34/44 Fine or better Used 1870/1897 1/2c/8c Small Queens (14)$40.00no bids yet
34Canada #37/41 Used 3c Small Queen Varieties (see scan) (8)$40.00no bids yet
35Canada #42 Fine Mint 5c Grey Ottawa Printing Small Queen $80.$30.00$13.00
36Canada #50, 51-54, 56 VG/F Mint & Unused 1/2c/8c Jubilees faults $111. (15)$20.00$22.00
37Canada #55 Fine Used 1897 6c Jubilee $125.$40.00no bids yet
38Canada #58 Fine Mint HR 1897 15c Jubilee $150.$50.00no bids yet
39Canada #71 F/VF Mint 1897 6c Victoria Leaf $140.$50.00no bids yet
40Canada #75 VFNH 1898 1c Victoria Numeral $240.$100.00no bids yet
41Canada #85 Formosa, Ont. 1899 RF10 Squared Circle Used, oxidized$40.00no bids yet
42Canada #85-86 Fine Used 1898 2c Map Study Lot $240. (40)$60.00$44.00
43Canada #88-89 F/VF Never Hinged 1899 Surcharge & 1c Edward (2)$100.00no bids yet
44Canada #90-95 Fine Used 2c-50c Edwards last small tear $260. (6)$50.00no bids yet
45Canada #96-103 Fine Used 1908 1/2c-20c Quebec Tercentenary Set $530. (8)$150.00$56.00
46Canada #104-106 Fine or better Mint 1c/3c Admiral trio, last gum thin $95. $25.00no bids yet
47Canada #105 Fine+ NH 1922 1c Admiral Block, fingerprints on gum (4)$40.00no bids yet
48Canada #107c Fine+ mainly NH 1922 2c Booklet Pane top right notch $300.+ (6)$100.00no bids yet
49Canada #117 F/VF Never Hinged 1912 10c Blue, Wet Printing $150.$60.00no bids yet
50Canada #120/727 Used 50c/$2 Values $330. (61)$75.00no bids yet
51Canada #122 Fine London, Ont. Used $1 Admiral Vertical Block faults (8)$20.00no bids yet
52The Royal Tour HMS Medina Oct 1911 S Cribb Real Photo Postcard, bends$25.00$5.00
53Canada #131-134 F/VF three NH 1915 1c/3c Admiral Coil Set $195. (4)$60.00no bids yet
54Canada #140 Fine 13 NH 1926 2-line Surcharge Vertical Block cple fingerprints (15)$125.00no bids yet
55Canada #143 gen VFNH 1927 3c Confederation Vertical Block (12) $288.$75.00$59.00
56Canada #145 gen Fine NH 1927 12c Map UL Plate A2 Block (16) $450.$150.00no bids yet
57Canada #146-148 VF Mint 1927 5c-20c Historical Set $66.(3)$20.00no bids yet
58Canada #205-207 F/VF first two NH 1933 1c-3c Medallion Coil Set $75.(3)$25.00no bids yet
59Canada #210 1934 Quebec/St. John Postcard & 1897 1c Jubilee Postal Card (2)$20.00no bids yet
60Canada #211-216 F/VF NH 1935 1c-13c Silver Jubilee Set (6)$20.00$8.00
61Canada #212 FDC & 214 2c readdressed Western R.P.O. Postcard to U.K.$20.00no bids yet
62Canada 1950s/1980s Mint Stash incl NH Face Value $100.$75.00no bids yet
63Canada 1958/1999 cacheted #10 Show/Souvenir Covers (28 pcs)$20.00$5.00
64Canada #387aF NH Fake Seaway Invert created from two real stamps$20.00no bids yet
65Canada #415 Angus Shortt artist-signed 1963 15c Geese Pl Blk FDC etc$50.00no bids yet
66Canada #502i/879i NH 1969/1981 positional Varieties $107. (12 different)$30.00$15.00
67Canada #599, 600, 601 NH High Values incl Plate Blocks FV$115. $100.00no bids yet
68Canada #1527 NH 1994 Historic Vehicles Souvenir Sheet Hoard FV$76. (21 pcs)$75.00no bids yet
69Canada #1534ii VFNH UR unissued 1994 52c Christmas Plate Block $950. (4)$300.00no bids yet
70Canada #284a NH 2015 recalled UNESCO $7.20 self adhesive error booklet$100.00no bids yet
71Canada Post #2922 dual designer-signed 2016 $10 Star Trek S/S First Day Cover$30.00$14.00
72Canada #C7, C8 VF Mint Plate Block trio incl some NH stamps (12)$20.00$5.00
73Canada #C9ii VF Used 1946 7c Airmail Major re-entry pencil no. on gum$20.00$5.00
74Canada #E5 VF Mint 1932 20c Special Delivery $100.$30.00no bids yet
75Canada #F1a Mint & F1 Used 1875 2c R.L.S. Shade duo $170.$50.00$22.00
76Canada #J14 VFNH 1933 10c Postage Due $100.$50.00$40.00
77Canada #MR2 VFNH 1915 George V Admiral War Tax $105.$30.00no bids yet
78Canada #MR2Bi Fine Mint 1915 4-line War Tax Overprint gum thin $100.$20.00no bids yet
79Canada #OA144 Fine Used 1927 5-hole Perf OHMS 5c Laurier corner crease $75.$20.00no bids yet
80Canada Used Back of the Book Varieties identified on page (34)$30.00no bids yet
81Canada #O9 VF Used 50c Lumbering O.H.M.S. Faults $150.$30.00no bids yet
82B.C. #8F Fine Used Forgery w/ fake cancel$25.00no bids yet
831882 Granville, B.C. 3C Small Queen Cover to Jessie Cameron w/ various markings$100.00$176.00
84Ashcroft, B.C. 1888 Ottawa & 1891 Montreal Advice of Money Order duo$25.00no bids yet
85C.P. Navigation 1893 E&N Rwy Steamer Premier Vancouver/Victoria Waybill$25.00no bids yet
86Victoria, B.C. 1898 A&W Wilson $7.65 Plumbing Invoice to H.P.P. Crease$25.00no bids yet
87incoming Chemainus, B.C. 1909 1d Western Australia Postcard ex Wellburn$20.00no bids yet
88Taft, B.C. RF D 1910 2c Cottonwood Falls Nelson, B.C. Postcard to Edinburgh$25.00$25.00
89Timms' S.S. City of Seattle & S.S. Ramona Unu Vancouver Postcard corner wear$40.00$5.00
90Enquiry Dept Victoria, B.C. Blue boxed marking on 1928 2c Returned Postcard$20.00no bids yet
91New Brunswick #6a, 7-10 Unused & Used 1860s quintet, small flaws$40.00no bids yet
92Newfoundland #51/2770, C9 mainly Used 1887/1947 (100 different)$60.00$35.00
93Newfoundland #57 VF Mint 1887 Dog trifle foxed $120.$30.00no bids yet
94Cambodia & Laos 1957/1990 Mint & Used US$103. (44)$25.00no bids yet
95Ceylon/Sri Lanka 1886/2001 Mint & Used US$100. (119 different)$25.00$9.00
96U.S. Post Services Shanghai 1919 3c Cover to U.S.A. Small tear$25.00no bids yet
97P.R. China #592-599 NH 1961 Statuettes Set US$230. (8)$100.00$90.00
98P.R. China #1389-1398 NH 1978 Horses Set US$86. (10)$40.00no bids yet
99P.R. China #1502/1954 NH 1979/1984 Sets incl 1864-1871 US$155. (54)$50.00$5.00
100P.R. China #2855/3049 NH 1998/2000 Sets & S/S US$90. (42)$30.00no bids yet
101Comoro Islands 189/1912 Mint Range some faults US$463. (28)$100.00no bids yet
102Croatia #B76 NH 1944 Storm Troopers S/S w/ two divergent certificates as is $30.00no bids yet
103Cyprus #3/534 Mint 1880/1980 US$135. (139 different)$40.00$9.00
104Denmark #26/1582 Used 1875/2012 US$142. (170)$40.00$10.00
105Denmark #97/131, 132/184 Mint & Used Christian X US$283. (48)$60.00no bids yet
106Dennison Hinges 3000 original formula peelable style$25.00$21.00
107Egypt SG#44w VF Used 1879 Inverted Watermark Variety Block (4)$200.00$80.00
108Europa Topicals 1960s Used duplicated lot of 208 US$87. (88 different)$20.00no bids yet
109Falkland Islands #9/120 Used 1899/1952 incl George VI Set US$146. (17)$40.00no bids yet
110Falklands Dependencies #1L6 Fine Mint 1946 6d Map with Dot by Oval Variety$100.00$42.00
111Faroe Islands 1975/1999 NH Range US$136. (106) $40.00no bids yet
112France #475/1100, B147a/C25 Mint 1944/1964 incl NH US$138. (15)$40.00no bids yet
113France #B1-B3, B5, B6, B11 Mint 1914/1918 Semipostals US$277. (6)$75.00no bids yet
114France #C34-C36 F/VF Never Hinged 19376 Airmail Set US$87. (4)$30.00no bids yet
115Reunion #177A, 178-223, 224-237 Mint 1943 issues US$168. (58)$50.00no bids yet
116French Colonies Mint & Used little lot owner's cat. $130. (56)$30.00$15.00
117French Equatorial Africa #166-184, C1/J21 Mint 1937/1958 US$355. (122 different)$100.00$40.00
118F.S.A.T. #16-19 F/VF Mint Sealife US$120. (4)$40.00no bids yet
119F.S.A.T. #C12-C13, C19, C36-C38 NH 1966/1973 Airs US$115. (6)$40.00no bids yet
120Gambia #42/85 Mint 1902/1909 Edwards US$240. (28)$75.00$31.00
121German Empire Mint & Used 1850/1935 A/W Classics US$600. (330 different)$100.00$60.00
122Germany #398/529 etc Used 1933/1945 incl Sets US$150. (125 different)$50.00$37.00
123Germany #688/751 Used 1952/1956 Commemoratives US$110. (20 different)$30.00$13.00
124Germany #712-721 Used 1954/1960 Heuss Study Lot US$361. (250)$75.00no bids yet
125Germany #B93/B169 Mint & Used 1936/1940 Semipostals US$211. (64)$60.00no bids yet
126Germany #C40 VF Used 1931 Polar Flight 1 Mark Zeppelin US$110.$40.00no bids yet
127Wurttemberg #8N1-8N41, 8NB5-8NB8 Used Occupation issues US$408. (45)$100.00no bids yet
128Berlin #9N75-9N80, 9N84-9N93 Used US$134. (16)$50.00no bids yet
129Gibraltar #1/108 Mint & Used 1886/1933 odd fault US$265. (31)$75.00no bids yet
130Gold Coast #11/159 Used 1884/1954 incl 5/- Victoria US$200. (64)$60.00$27.00
131G.B. #1 Fine Used 1840 Penny Black on piece showing Double D at lower left$100.00no bids yet
132G.B. #28 F/VF Used 1856 1/- Green US$300.$100.00no bids yet
133G.B. #33 Fine Mint 1864 1d Red Plate 214 position O-V US$87.$30.00no bids yet
134G.B. #96, 108-109 Used 1883/1884 High Value quartet some faults US$1130.$150.00no bids yet
135Stephenson's Monument 1904 1/2d illuminated Night Postcard ex Wellburn$20.00no bids yet
136Jersey #660/878 Used 1984/1998 Topical S/S US$70. (15 pcs)$20.00no bids yet
137Lundy #1/291a mainly Mint incl First Day Covers owner's cat. $365. (19)$100.00no bids yet
138Greece #56a/195 Used 1866/1906 US$130. (23)$30.00$15.00
139Greece 1933 Athens/Janina First Flight Cover$30.00no bids yet
140Greece #549-555 F/VF Mint 1953 500d-5000d National Products Set US$101. (7)$30.00no bids yet
141Greenland 1980s/2000s CDS Used Multiples/Pieces US$696. (49 items)$60.00no bids yet
142Guadeloupe #14/193 etc Mint & Used 1891/1947 (100 different)$60.00$35.00
143Guyana #1672-1704 NH Flowers Blocks incl Overprints US$88. (12 pcs)$20.00no bids yet
144Hong Kong #20/798 Used 1871/1997 US$225. (110 different)$60.00$27.00
145Hong Kong #178-179 NH 1948 Silver Wedding Set toned US$363. (2)$75.00no bids yet
146Hong Kong #490a-504a, 532-533 NH 1988 QEII Set US$103. (17)$30.00no bids yet
147Hungary #1N26-1N37 Mint 1918/1919 French Occupation odd flt as is US$182. (12)$40.00no bids yet
148Iceland 1980s/1990s Used multiples incl #627, 677, 835 US$1943. (100s)$60.00no bids yet
149India #200/243 NH 19477/1953 Selection US$112. (17)$40.00no bids yet
150Iran #910-914, 933-934 Mint 1949/1950 Set duo incl NH US$165. (7)$50.00$37.00
151Ireland #250-265, 290-298, 299, 300-304, J5 Mint 1943/1971 US$94. (32)$30.00no bids yet
152Italy #25/254 Used 1865/1930 Classics small faults US$225. (50)$40.00$18.00
153Italy #345-348 Mint 1935 Aeronautical Salon Set #346 thin US$207. (4)$50.00no bids yet
154Italy #C73-C78 favour cancelled 1934 Victor Emmanuel Set (6)$30.00$23.00
155Ivory Coast #78-101 Mint & Used 1922/1933 US$87. (24)$25.00$11.00
156Jamaica #7/839 Used 1870/1995 (300 different)$100.00$55.00
157Japan #367a/411 Unused 1947/1948 Souvenir Sheets as issued US$83. (6 Diff)$30.00no bids yet
158Jordan #221/728 Mint 1950s/1960s Dealer's Stock incl NH US$202. (22 Diff Sets)$60.00no bids yet
159K.U.T. 1921/1990 Used Range of about 300 different$50.00$27.00
160Libya #C4-C7 F/VF Mint 1932 Airmail Set US$207. (4)$60.00no bids yet
161Liechtenstein #4/352 Mint & Unused 1918/1959 incl NH US$189. (32 different)$50.00no bids yet
162Lithuania #20/119c etc mainly Mint 1919/1921 incl Imperf strip owner's cat. $225.$60.00no bids yet
163Macao #3772-381, 383-390 Mint incl NH 377 sml tear US$116. (18)$30.00no bids yet
164Malaya/Kedah #55/83 Mint 1948/1957 Selection owner's cat. $113. (30)$30.00$15.00
165Maldive Islands #11-19 F/VF Mint 1933 Set US$106. (9)$30.00no bids yet
166Mauritius #10, 11a Unused & Used 1858/1862 duo, first graffiti US$265.$60.00no bids yet
167Monaco #120-121, 125-130 F/VF Mint HR 1932/19377 Scenes US$442. (8)$100.00$45.00
168Netherlands #1-3 F/VF Used 1852 First Issue trio US$192.$75.00no bids yet
169Netherlands 1952/1956 Mint & Used incl Europa & Stampex US$260. (30)$75.00no bids yet
170New Zealand #288/458, B16/OY36 NH 1953/1971 incl Bklts US$81.+ (28)$30.00no bids yet
171New Zealand #AR47/P4 Mint & Used 1892/1956 B.O.B. US$130. (75 different)$40.00$23.00
172Nigeria #1/736 mostly Used 1914/2001 (200 different)$50.00$30.00
173North West Pacific Islands #9 Cancelled Nauru 10/- Roo US$200.$75.00$35.00
174Norway #187/1747, B17/O90a Used 1940/2014 odd fault US$145. (226 different)$40.00$9.00
175Papua New Guinea #61/966 mainly Used 1916/1999 (300 different)$75.00$50.00
176Pitcairn Islands #1/19 Mint 1940/1953 Sets incl #1 Block US$98. (21)$30.00no bids yet
177Pitcairn Islands #297/331 Mint & Used 1988/1990 Souvenir Sheets (5 pcs)$20.00$5.00
178Poland #917a/2793 NH 1960/1987 duplicated little lot of 57 different (127)$20.00no bids yet
179Portugal #38/48b gen Fine Used 1870/1880 King Luis odd fault US$113. (5)$30.00$9.00
180Russia #1629/1865 Used 1952/1956 Range owner's cat. $197. (200 different)$50.00no bids yet
181Swaziland #27-37 F/VF mainly NH 1938 1/2d-10/- Set US$85. (11)$30.00$11.00
182Tunisia #B10-B11 F/VF Mint 1916 Red Cross duo US$235.$75.00no bids yet
183Puerto Rico 1872 Slave owning Document issued at Barrio Hato Viejo, faults$100.00no bids yet
184Vatican City #122/668 etc NH 1949/1980 Blocks (400)$30.00$14.00
185Australia BU 1985 7-coin Mint Set in original holder US$95.$60.00$5.00
186Canada VG 1858 Large Cent faults $80.$20.00$13.00
187Canada about Good 1887 Silver 25 Cents$50.00$5.00
188Canada PCGS AU58 1947 Maple Leaf Curved Seven Left Silver 50 Cents $250.$150.00$132.00
189Canada Proof 2002 cased Queen Mum Sterling Silver Dollar $300.$200.00no bids yet
190Canada Proof 1980 Arctic Territories $100. Gold .497oz AGW$1,000.00$850.00
191Newfoundland VF+ 1865 Silver 20 Cents $110.$60.00$40.00
192P.R. China BU 1993 5 Yuan Copper Panda in original holder$30.00no bids yet
193Edward VI 1547-1553 33mm 6gm Hammered Silver Shilling cracked flan$150.00$82.50
194G.B. BU 1951 Festival of Britain Crown in original holder$25.00no bids yet
195Q. Curtius 114BC 18mm 3.8gmm Silver Denarius w/ head of Roma$100.00$82.50
196Trajan 98-117 AD 27mm 10.5gm Ae As struck at Rome Mint$150.00$137.50
197U.S.A. BU 1882O & 1921S Morgan Silver Dollar duo$75.00$44.00
198Banque du Canada #BC4 VG 1935 French $2 Bill $250.$150.00$55.00
1991934 Kensitas National & British Empire Flag Silks (43 different)$60.00$42.00
200New York Yankees 1957 game against Baltimore Program w/ completed scorecard$25.00$27.50
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